A TIDAL Wave Is Coming

(04.08.2015) Last week Jay-Z announced his new music streaming company TIDAL. It is suppose to be the thing that changes the history of music. While I support it in some ways, I don’t in other ways.

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Blockbuster Memories

November 18, 2013- Today I talk about Blockbuster finally closing and the memories left behind.

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Bridegroom Review

November 04, 2013- Today is the first episode of “Planet LX”, the replacement for “Vlogosphere”. For the first vlog I am discussing and reviewing the documentary “Bridegroom”.

Have you seen Bridegroom? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section.


100 Subscribers On You Tube

The first 100.

This week I reached 100 subscribers on my personal You Tube channel. While this may not be a very exciting thing for some, it is for me. I didn’t start focusing on my personal channel until November 2011 when I decided to do vlogs. I had another channel for sketches, but I decided to move those on to my personal channel as well. I would say the point when my channel started to grow was in October of 2012 when I started doing life vlogs and continued to vlog. The bulk of the subscriber gains has occurred during 2013, especially since June of this year. Obviously it has taken me a year and ten months to gain 100 subscribers. It has been a very long and difficult process to figure out how to do this. I hope the next 100 comes in easy.

What have I learned since focusing on my personal channel?

I have learned that the videos I upload that aren’t life vlogs need to be of a better quality. Quality on You Tube to be isn’t just about the camera you have, but also about the content you’re discussing, your knowledge in that content, and how well prepared you seem to come across to your viewers. It really is the battle of quality versus quantity. I also have come to the conclusion that Taylor Swift stories sell, and that girls are a huge percentage of the market for videos on You Tube.

What are my plans for the future?

In the future I plan to continue releasing my daily life vlogs at least through the end of 2014 if not beyond that. I also plan on releasing my vlogs, Vlogosphere, every Monday. The daily releasing of vlogs isn’t needed nor wanted by anyone that may subscribe to my channel. My plan is to also get back to make comedy sketches that will be released either on Wednesday of Friday. I haven’t decided, but this will begin in the near future.  Over the course of next summer I would also like to see me film a short film. It too would be released on my personal channel. I am excited for the future and what it may mean for my channel. I hope to grow it into a huge subscriber base that people will know about.

How can you subscribe?

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Movies and Leaks

(08.12.2013) Today we discuss this weekends movies that were released, Amanda Bynes’ state of affairs, Ender’s Game, and Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

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Chick-Fil-A Comes Out

Vlogosphere008— (07.20.2012) Emmy nomination’s came out and SNL did really well and American Idol got screwed. Also, Chick-Fil-A comes out… It’s all talked about on today’s Vlogosphere

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Twilight Rebooting?

Vlogosphere007— (07.19.2012) Octomon strips, Justin Bieber hot and ready, and Twilight being rebooted already? That is today’s Vlogosphere!

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