A TIDAL Wave Is Coming

(04.08.2015) Last week Jay-Z announced his new music streaming company TIDAL. It is suppose to be the thing that changes the history of music. While I support it in some ways, I don’t in other ways.

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The Fox- Ylvis

Let me tell you how I discovered this song. I’m sitting in the student center listening to Spotify as I wait for my next class. I had it on The Billboard Chart playlist and out of the blue a song comes on with really cool EDM sounding beats. Then I listen to the lyrics closely and I instantly think, “What the hell is this? How is a children’s song on this chart?”. Guess what? It isn’t a children songs, it is in fact a song by a comedy group called Ylvis. Ylvis is made up of two Norwegian brothers. Ylvis is much like the The Lonely Island here in the US where they make ridiculous songs that are hilarious.

Surprisingly the song “The Fox” has done really well thanks to it going viral on You Tube. It managed to hit #9 on the US iTunes singles charts and #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Will it reach higher? Many are saying this may be the next “Gangnam Style”, which went viral around this time last year. The music video on You Tube has reached 60 million plus views as of typing, so maybe it will reach the radio airwaves. The song sounds like a legit song until you really listen to the lyrics. I am sure it can be a good dance hit. Take a listen to “The Fox” below.

What did you think of “The Fox”? Do you think it has what it takes to hit the radio like “Gangnam Style”? Let me know in the comment section.


Paging Old Avril

While my actual CD burned out years ago due to the amount of times of play, I was able to listen to Avril Lavinge’s debut album Let Go thanks to the magic of Spotify. The album is overall I jewel that shines brightly over anything else that Avril has done. It has that edge and innocence that caused so many of us to fall in love with her. I feel like Avril has slowly stepped away from this with each and every album and has gotten more poppy as time as went on. I don’t include 2011’s Goodbye Lullaby in this because that album was personal and innocent, but lacked what Let Go brought. It was also Avril’s weakest performing album to date which made me sad.

I commend Avril on being involved with the writing on each and every track that has ever been placed on any of her four albums. That is definitely something that you don’t see every day. I think after listening to Let Go again, I really think Avril should try to aim for something like it. Let Go is the album that gave us songs like “Complicated” and “Sk8tr Boi”. Except for “Girlfriend”, can you even name another Avril hit?

Her new album is supposed to come out this spring, so whatever is on it has already been recorded. I think it will be good, cause even she has said that Goodbye Lullaby was more of a personal album that she felt like she needed to do. I am fine with anything as long as Avril isn’t doing dance music. I think that would hurt my whole body, cause that totally isn’t Avril Lavigne.

Music Review: Bonfire-Knife Party

Knife Party is a great EDM duo that specializes in dubstep and house music. Knife Party is made up with Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, two of the members from the electro rock band pendulum. The groups newest single which currently sits at number 45 on the UK music charts.

“Bonfire” is a great dubstep song that keeps pushing and pushing without letting up. It even incorporates reggae and mixes the two genres effortlessly. Just give the song a listen and if you like it you may wanna try to listen to the whole EP that it is from which is entitled, Rage Valley EP. Take a listen to “Bonfire” below and remember if you like it, check out Spotify and listen to the whole EP.

Album Review: Dirty Bass by Far East Movement

The Album

If you think that you have no clue who Far East Movement is; think again. Have you heard the song “Like A G6”? If so you have probably had this song that features Dev stuck in your head and have found that very annoying. That single was off of the groups third album and first successful album named, Free Wired, which peaked at number four on the Billboard Album Charts. “Like A G6” peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Music Chart and their second single off of that album was “Rocketeer” which reached number 7 on the Billboard Music Chart. During 2011 Far East Movement took time to record and start working on a new album that I was surprised to see out last week.

The new album is called Dirty Bass and seems like it doesn’t know if it wants to be like The Black Eye Peas or a David Guetta album. That isn’t a bad thing at all either. I would say that Dirty Bass is probably more leaning towards a David Guetta album. That is actually a problem because with some of the DJ’s and producers Far East Movement got for this album makes them sound like the featured artists because some of this great dance music overshadows their own lyrics. RedOne and the Stereotypes know how to make great dance music and Far East Movement can’t help that. Overall I do think that this album is an overall improvement from Free Wired and a step in the right direction. I just hope that on the next album they are able to have lyrics that be one with the music instead of the music overpowering the lyrics. I will say that I am a bit biased because I like dance music and my problem with them is the songs seem more like RedOne feat. Far East Movement or The Stereotypes feat. Far East Movement.

The Singles

There have been two singles from Dirty Bass both of which I haven’t heard being played on satellite or regular radio. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been played, which I hope for them that they do.

-“Live My Life” feat. Justin Bieber: First of all, I am not a fan of Bieber, so I am not a fan of this song. I honestly wish they had gotten someone else to do the featured vocals because this song would be one of my favorites if it didn’t have Bieber. It is very danceable and is great. It was released February 28, 2012 had as peaked at #21 in the US and #7 in the UK

-“Dirty Bass” feat. Tyga: The title track is the second single to be released on May 10, 2012, so it still has some time to get some airplay before it becomes old news. This song is strong in terms of music and vocals. As of writing I have not been able to find anywhere that it has charted yet.

Favorite Songs

-“Ain’t Coming Down” feat, Matthew Koma & Sidney Samson

-“Candy” feat Pitbull(On the Project X soundtrack)

-“Fly With U” feat. Cassie

-“Change Your Life” feat. Flor Rida & Sidney Samson

-“Little Bird”(Only song where you get to hear them rap and sing without all the production)

-“Lights Out(Go Crazy)” feat. Natalia Kills(My fave song due to Natalia’s vocals)

Like I would suggest to anyone, try the album out on Spotify. It’s free to sign up and listen and free to listen to the music. All you have to do is sign into Spotify and search the album or artist.

JakeLX: Top Albums of 2011

It is that time of year again were it is time for me to list the albums that I purchase throughout the year in order from my least favorite to my number one favorite. Now please keep in my that I obviously bought these albums because I liked the music on them, so even if one is listed last, that doesn’t mean I hate the album. This year my album list is heavily dominated by women and British women at that. The 2011 list is for any album that I bought or was given to me between 12.01.10 thru 11.30.11 no matter what the release date was. So you will see some albums that came out in 2010 on this list, but that is due to the fact I didn’t own them untill after December 01, 2010. First you will see the list in descending order to number one. Below that I will explain some of the albums placement which I am sure some will question.

22. Treats(2010)… Sleigh Bells

21. Down The Way(2010)… Angus & Julia Stone

20. Science & Faith… The Script

19. When The Sun Goes Down… Selena Gomez and The Scene

18. Welcome Reality… Nero

17. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy(2010)… Kanye West

16. 21- Adele

15. Saxobeats… Alexandra Stan

14. Goodbye Lullaby… Avril Lavinge(Biggest Disappointment)

13. Siberia… Lights

12. Who You Are… Jesse J

11. Perfectionist… Natalia Kills

10. Love?- Jennifer Lopez

9. Body Talk(2010)- Robyn

8. I Am The Dance Commander… Ke$ha

7. Lights… Ellie Goulding(Biggest Surprise)

6. Talk That Talk… Rihanna

5. Pink Friday(2010)… Nicki Minaj

4. Nothing But The Beat… David Guetta

3. Ceremonials… Florence + The Machine

2. Born This Way… Lady Gaga

1. Femme Fatale… Britney Spears

Okay, now you have seen my list and am probably wondering why I placed some albums where I did. I decide this really on how I responded to each album. What kind of music it is, how fun it was, what was the meaning, how does it compare to the artist past work, ect. I have no set standard and that is what makes this enjoyable to do each year. Depending on how I feel each year makes different types of music take top honours.

The one that I think most people will be shocked to see is where I placed the Grammy nominated Adele’s “21” album at number 16 out of 22 albums. The reason for this is quite simply two things. First, Adele has released singles of all the songs I liked on the album. You may think that is a good thing. I don’t think so because she released all the songs that would sale. The rest of the album to me is very boring and I quite frankly dislike it. She does have a beautiful voice, but I don’t want that beautiful voice putting me to sleep. Second, Adele-fatigue. Except for the albums singles, I don’t get the buzz for the album as a whole. Again beautiful voice, but very dry and boring except for those released singles.

You may also be surprised to see Britney Spear with “Femme Fatale” in the number one spot. Everyone likes to knock Britney down and say her voice is crap and all of that other garbage. Britney has made a name for herself and she is talented despite what others may say. In second place I have Lady Gaga with “Born This Way” and in third place Flo+The Machine with “Ceremonials”. Both do have far superior voices than Britney Spears, but neither have the legacy that she has. Gaga is making a legacy that she will leave behind, but her and Britney are very different. Britney’s legacy is that of a phoenix come up out of the ashes. The mid-2000’s and on were a roller coaster ride for Britney, but I do believe in 2011 she has proven that she is back and better than ever. She’s Britney, bitch… And she isn’t go anywhere.

As I said number two went to Lady Gaga. I adore Lady Gaga and would have loved to given her the top spot, but I couldn’t. First, Britney deserved it for the reasons I listed above. Second, Britney was my first CD ever with “… Baby One More Time” and I feel like I have grown up with her. I totally go crazy for Gaga though. Again, I find that they are totally different people. “Born This Way” was an excellently crafted work of art from Gaga and I love it. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. At the end of the day a fierce comeback and a sentimental reason is why Britney kept Gaga from number one. Again, I must stress how much I love and adore the very talented Lady Gaga. I would also love to request that at some point we get some acoustic or piano album from Gaga. Probably not as her new album, but somewhere in between the bigger albums. She has such a beautiful voice and sometimes the techno beats take from it.

Number three for me wasn’t hard to decide. Flo+The Machine were always going to be in the top five somewhere. Again, sentimental reasons kept her from obtaining the top two spots. The music Florence does is different and not exactly the same as the other two spots and that also held her back from the top two spots. Last year I gave Flo+The Machine the number one spot and “The Biggest Surprise” acknowledgement. This years “Ceremonials” is even bigger and more exciting than last years “Lungs”. This is another girl that I cannot wait to see what she will do next.

Biggest Disappointment— It always sucks when an album isn’t as good as you had hoped it would be. Last year this accolade went to Orianthi’s “Believe”. This year it went to Avril Lavinge with her album “Goodbye Lullaby”. The thing that may be odd is that it isn’t even the a bad album by a long shot. It is at number 14 out of 22 albums. The fact is, I thought it was going to be a return to the old Avril, the “Complicated” and “Sk8tr Boy” Avril. It almost was and that is what makes it so disappointing. Another thing that makes “Goodbye Lullaby” a disappointment is the fact that we were told it will be out on this date and then this date. The date kept getting pushed further and further back. I guess in my mind she was creating a wonderful masterpiece that was going to be the most awesome thing ever. Avril use to be punk and then by her “Girlfriend” album she was more pop. Luckily, Avril herself said that she is already working on another new album that should be out sometime next year. I think she knows that “Goodbye Lullaby” was an album she did for herself. Again, not a bad album by any means and I love a lot of the songs. It just left me already waiting on the next album. So I wait…

     Biggest Surprise— Last years “Biggest Surprise” accolade went to Florence+The Machine. This year it yet again goes to another British women. Ellie Goulding and her album “Lights” was defiantly a pleasant musical surprise this year. I had seen her performance on SNL, but wasn’t sold until I heard “Lights” elsewhere. Ellie Goulding satisfies that dance, electro sound with some how still managing to let her beautiful voice shine through. That probably has a lot to do with her not doing real hard dance style music. Either way if you haven’t given Ellie a try, do cause you are SO missing out. She should have another album out next year as well.

I would have to say that overall 2011 belonged to the British women who seem to be gaining air play on our US airwaves. I call it the Second British Invasion. They all have beautiful voices that deserve to be heard and enjoyed. I hope you enjoyed my view on this year in music and allowing me to list the albums I purchased over the year. I have been told I don;t buy enough albums, but they are enough for me. Please do checkout any of these great artists if you haven’t heard them before. Spotify is an awesome way to checkout many of these artists for FREE. Believe it or not this isn’t a paid ad for Spotify, though maybe they should pay me. Spotify is just the way I first listened to a lot of these artist.