A New American Idol… Again. Welcome to Season 14.

I swore off American Idol for good after taking a break in 2012 and giving it another try in 2013. I did not watch the 2014 season for lack of interest. I never thought I would be watching the show in its 14th season in 2015.

Why am I exactly watching? Mainly the promise of shorter episodes and a new format that may make the show less time consuming. It also seems like they may have a better way to choose a person to win that can not just sing, but can give the presence of an established artist. I’m also excited to see what Big Machine Records boss, Scott Borchetta, can do for the dying show. So far some of his tweaking as already made for a better show.

I also think the judges have the best chemistry since Paula Abdul bid the judges table adieu way back when. Harry Connick Jr. is oddly likeable and has a mostly goofy personality. He sometimes comes across as an ass and seems to want more from the people auditioning then what is needed at this stage in the competition. Him and Keith seem to have a somewhat forced “broship”. I say forced because they want that connection to compete against The Voice‘s “broship” of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Jennifer Lopez is there always so down to earth and kinda the little sister in the middle of her two older brothers.

I don’t believe the show will ever reach its former glory days, but I also don’t think even if ratings go up a little that the show will last for more than a handful of more years. While still incredibly cheap to make and produce, the show is losing sponsorship’s that will end up causing the price tag on this old dog to go up each season. Last year AT&T cut the cord on the show, and this year the show has lost Coca-Cola. The Ford Motor Company is still holding on for another season, but honestly, I think we all hope the cheesy commercials that the Idol have to do, are gone.

The biggest problem with the show in the last few years has been that no one talks about the contestants. I have written 373 words and haven’t mentioned the talent of the shows contestants once. That is a problem for the show. The show has become more about itself. Everyone talks about who will judge, are the judges leaving, Ryan Seacrest, the show is losing ratings, the show is losing sponsors… Not the people trying to win the record deal. I’m not even going to talk much about the talent because the talents is still not the focus of anyone’s attention.

What I will say about the talent is, they do seem to be sending some better people through. The only name I really remember is the blind guy, Garret Miles. That guy can sing with such ease it is kinda crazy. So, go Garret.

Did you watch the new(again) American Idol? What did you think? Let me know on the comment section below.


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American Idol Is Getting Harry

It was announced today that Harry Connick Jr. was chosen as the third Idol judge for next season. This probably put the nail in the coffin on me watching the show. If I were to watch, the only judge I would care about is JLo, because Keith Urban was always boring last season, and I’m just not feeling Harry Connick Jr. as a judge. Its almost like the show was like this is the best we could get and we’re not going to try to get anyone else.

it wouldn’t surprise me if the show whose ratings have been in a freefall the last few years isn’t being given as big of a budget as it once had. I personally like Nicki last season, but she left. Mariah Carey “chose” to leave, and Randy was smart and went ahead and got the hell out of there while he had some partial dignity still intact. Randy of course was the last of the original judges.

I think this show might as well, just hang it up. Keith and Harry aren’t going to bring in the ratings, at least not in the key demographic. JLo might have been the start of something, but maybe I think she is too relevent still.

What are your thoughts on the state of American Idol? What do you think about the addition of Harry Connick Jr. as the third judge? Let me know in the comment section.


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It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

I still can’t believe that Angie Miller was the person to go home on last weeks American Idol. I knew this is always how it would be though, and secretly I was hoping she wouldn’t win and would make it to third or second place. Those two spots have produced more popular artists then the actual winning spot has for the entirety of Idol. This also makes sure that when Angie goes into the studio to record her album she will have more freedom and fewer constraints that tend to hurt the actual winners music. Angie will get to make the music that SHE wants to make, not what the STUDIO wants her to make.

Candice Glover has an awesome voice, and while I know this is a singing competition, you need someone you can market well. History has proven on Idol repeatedly that America doesn’t usually support the winners that they have voted to that honour. I think Candice has the edge over Kree at the moment, but that doesn’t mean she will go on to become a huge recording artist. I could be wrong, and I actually hope that I am, but I figure she will end up doing something like Broadway, which is awesome. Candice has an awesome voice, but I doubt I would support the record she makes. Everyone compares her to Adele, but there lies the problem… We already have Adele. Do we really need another songstress that has slightly upbeat songs that can wail to her heart is content and so good at doing it?

Kree Harrison on the other hand has been poised to actually win the top spot since the beginning of the season. Who didn’t love this everyday average girl who could belt out her lyrics? You didn’t think by looking at her that she was going to be able to sing that well. We also didn’t know who this girl was when she was shown to us cause we never saw her audition. I don’t think we saw Candice’s audition either. I feel like her popularity has fallen in the last few weeks against Candice and I cannot figure out why? Is it cause she has pretty much said she is going into country music? No, I don’t think that is right cause Idol has produced a lot of country singers in the last few years.

I was really pulling for Angie to win it all, because she was the most-talented all the way around contestant on the show. Not only can she sing really well, she also is a very talented songwriter. Something neither of the other two final contestants have shown us. Who pulls out their own original music at Hollywood week? Then who could have called that the song would be amazingly beautiful and stuns the judges? No one. It was a first in Idol history. Normally when someone pulls out an original song, you get ready for some good laughs. Not this time. I also feel like her original song “You Set Me Free” was also what plagued her. It was said many times by the judges that she couldn’t top the performance she gave on her own song. I would most certainly agree with this, but instead of being rewarded, she gets kicked-off the show. It’s okay though. As I stated above, she will have more freedom and will have an amazing album. She already has a single that will sell, sell, sell, and that I figure will overshadow the actual winners single.

My final words are to Angie herself. Don’t take getting kicked-off of Idol as a sign that you’re done and never gonna realize your dream. You are gonna have an awesome album, career, and life.  Apparently, you are going to get to do a duet with Adam Lambert and that is freaking awesome. Even if you didn’t win the show, you are the winner in my book and this years American Idol.

Take a listen to Angie Miller’s original song “You Set Me Free” down below. It is recorded from when she performed on the show, so you can hear Keith and Randy talking a bit. After you listen, please tell me what you think about it and what you think about Angie in the comments.


The Dog Is Out

Randy Jackson finally announced his departure from American Idol after 12 seasons and being the only remaining original judge. This came after rumours that FOX was seeking to replace all four of the current judges as a part of a complete makeover for the show next season. It was reported that no one knew he was going to do this on the show. Apparently Ryan Seacrest even joked with him about it during last nights show.

Randy has always been my least favourite judge. In the beginning he was overshadowed by Simon Cowell’s meanness and Paula Abdul’s craziness(drunkenness). His only thing that made anyone like him was his “dog” references, but even that grew old and tiresome. This season of Idol was the first season I had watched in two to three years and once again he was overshadowed by all the other chaos on the show this season.

I don’t really blame him for wanting to exit this sinking ship, even if they were going to get rid of him anyway. I think it is respectable that he announced his departure before the show could announce they were getting rid of all four judges. I think he truly stayed on the show for way too long and should have departed a few seasons ago.

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Idol Editing

I meant to do this post after watching Thursday nights American Idol, but I forgot. I figured I would do it now. After the premiere I wrote a blog and slammed Mariah Carey, but after watching Thursday night, I have to wonder if one of two things happened.

First, I wonder how long of a time span was there between the New York City auditions and the Chicago auditions? I’m wondering if maybe Mariah saw footage and didn’t realize she was coming across as a “it’s all about me” type of way? That is the Mariah we saw Wednesday night on the premiere.

Second, I have to wonder if Idol decided to edit in such a way that made showed all of Mariah’s bad parts and all of Nicki’s good parts? Mariah seemed to be less about her and more about the contestants Thursday night when compared to the premiere Wednesday night. She was just the right amount of ego, “all about me”, that I would suspect from an artist like her that has won it all. I think this is probably the most likely option.

Either way, Mariah is still going to be a diva who is pissed that they let another female on the judges panel. I’m Team Nicki all the way. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Mariah Carey or her music, it means I know more about Nicki than I know about Mariah. All I know about Mariah is she use to be a huge selling artist and I believe is still the artist that has sold the most albums(not something that is really looked at today). Most people my age and younger are only really going to know her from her awesome Christmas albums. I know she had some singles on the radio in 2009, but I couldn’t recall their names.

So, do you agree that maybe Idol has edited together the clips to build up a huge explosion? The show couldn’t have created the explosion, but they sure can edit it together to show the build up towards this Wednesdays explosion at the Charlotte auditions. Let me know in the comment section and also let me know if you’re Team Mariah or Team Nicki.

Social Services, Jenelle Is Pregger’s Again

Jenelle Evans is an example of a person that should have been forced to have her tubes tied. She is pregnant with baby number two despite not having custody of her first-born, 3-year-old Jace. She proved she was not mother material on Teen Mom 2 leaving her son with her mother, Barbara, for days at a time. What was she doing while she was a way from her child? She was doing drugs and fucking a worthless guy. What even makes this white trash tragedy even more great, is her husband, Courtland Rogers has a child as well. Guess what? He doesn’t have custody of his child either. I can only assume that he probably has the same drug issues as Jenelle herself has had.

I personally hope that Barbara gets this second child as well. It doesn’t sound like Jenelle is doing much better than when Jace was born three years ago. I hate to put more pressure on Jenelle’s mother, but it seems like this is the option for any of Jenelle’s current and future children. I believe that Jenelle might have just gotten pregnant at that Ke$ha concert that she went to instead of going to her court appointment that she missed by going. Keep that white trash flag flying, girl, keep it flying!

A New Idol

As American Idol host Ryan Seacrest said tonight at the beginning of the show, a new era for Idol has begun. An era that seems to be filled with drama fueled by the drama mama diva, Mariah Carey, herself. You could tell from the beginning the producers were going to play up the Minaj vs. Carey in a big way. The very first time you see the two together, they are rolling eyes and taking jabs at each other.

I really had no idea that Mariah Carey is so egotistical. I mean, yeah, she has an awesome voice and can hit those high notes, but personality as to count in there somewhere. Right? She really comes across as someone who thinks she is better than anyone else in the room. She really needs to remember that many younger viewers really can’t recall anything that she has done except for her amazing Christmas albums. I’m 22 and cannot think of a name of any chart topping song. I think one of the most annoying things about her on this show is how she brings every thing back to her. You could literally be talking about doing anything and she has a comparable story or something that can top it.

I think one of the funniest things tonight was when Nicki started doing her British accent. Guess what? Mariah started doing it too. It seemed like they were both trying to top the others use of the accent. It reminded me of when Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne’s characters in Bridesmaids started to try to top the other’s speech at the engagement party. It was kind of ridiculous on Mariah’s part, considering it was obviously something that Nicki was doing before she started.

In case you think I came into the show rooting for Nicki, you’re wrong. I thought maybe Nicki was provoking Mariah, a lady I assumed was down to earth and caring. I was wrong. Mariah comes across as I’ve stated, egotistical and even fake. She just seems genuinely fake to most of the contestants. But, hey! It is a win-win for Idol, because they got people like me watching after getting so bored with it two seasons ago that are watching again. So, way to go FOX and Idol.

I can’t wait to see what comes of the drama throughout the season. We have still yet to see the big blow up that occurred to make Mariah, “scared” for her life. That should be good since now Mariah has extra security because she is afraid that Nicki is going to kill her. Now if that isn’t drama, I’m not sure what exactly is?

Now it is your turn to let me know what your thoughts were on tonight’s Idol, and on the Nicki and Mariah feud down below in the comments. It is much appreciated! Thanks!