Full House Returning on Netflix?

(04.03.2015) Rumour has it that “Full House” may be returning to TV by the way of Netflix.

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Red Box Better Not!

Imagine my surprise back a month or so ago when I rented “Water For Elephants” from Red Box and noticed that it came on my online bank account as a $1.20 rental fee. I honestly couldn’t believe it and was a little pissed. Then I researched and found out that back in October they had raised prices. Obviously it had been a while since I has last rented a DVD. After thinking about it I didn’t mind s much because other places were still more to rent. Now there is a question on whether or not Red Box will once again raise its rental fees since it let its DVD contract with Warner Brothers run out. Warner Brothers was going to make Netflix and Red Box wait 56 days before they could receive a new DVD. Netflix agreed to the new contract and Red Box didn’t causing Red Box to go through another distributer, not the studio, to get the DVD’s. Some are worried that prices now will go up again since the DVD’s are going to have to be bought in mass at regular price and not at the studio’s discounted price.

Is there anything to keep red Box from raising its prices again? Actually, yes. One thing is that Red Box just raised the prices back four months ago in October. They may be worried that raising the price of a one-night rental again so soon after just raising could push customers away. The biggest thing that may keep them from holding prices at current levels is the fact that they are now allowed to start renting the new DVD’s on the day that they are released, no wait period enforced. This in turn may bring in more customers in general and may cause even some of Netflix’s customers to rent from Red Box on new releases instead of waiting for them in 56 days when Netflix will have them. More people renting through Red Box should off set the more expensive purchase of the DVD’s.

I do fully expect that Red Box will raise their prices by the end of the year once again. I guess a huge successful business forgot that they are popular for cheap rentals that the more expensive video stores such as Blockbuster or the vast Video-On-Demand offerings from cable and satellite providers. Red Box along with Netflix put a lot of video stores out of business or on life support because of their higher prices. Now they are just going to raise their prices? I hope Red Box never reaches the price of Blockbuster or the like. For now keep on Red Boxing!

Source: MSN Money