Being Mean To Taylor Swift’s Mom

(04.10.2015) Thursday Taylor Swift told the world that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. People were mostly supportive and comforting, but some internet jerks were still at it. I don’t get it, especially with something like cancer.

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A TIDAL Wave Is Coming

(04.08.2015) Last week Jay-Z announced his new music streaming company TIDAL. It is suppose to be the thing that changes the history of music. While I support it in some ways, I don’t in other ways.

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Top 20 Songs of Fall 2013

The top 20 songs of the fall are songs that were popular or songs that I discovered and enjoyed from September 1 thru November 30.

The biggest surprise on this list is that I actually have a One Direction song listed. While it is far down on the list, it is surprising because I never thought I would like any music they ever put out. Shockingly the song “Story of My Life” is very mature sounding and isn’t just a song singing out to the teenage girls. The song is relatable to everyone. Check out the list below and see if your favourite song made the cut.

Honourable Mention: Berzerk- Eminem

20) The Monster- Eminem feat. Rihanna”

19) Story of My Life- One Direction

18) Brave- Sara Bareilles

17) Let Her Go- Passenger

16) Somebody Loves You- Betty Who(Music Used In Home Depot Flashmob Proposal Video)

15) Stay The Night- Zedd feat. Hayley Williams

14) Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

13) Work Bitch- Britney Spears

12) Burn- Ellie Goulding

11) Timber- Pitbull feat. Ke$ha

10) Pompeii- Bastille

09) Counting Stars- OneRepublic

08) 23- Mike WiLL Made It feat. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J

07) Wake Me Up- Avicii

06) Applause- Lady Gaga

05) Roar- Katy Perry

04) Do What U Want- Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly

03) Say Something- Great Big World feat. Christina Augilera

02) Royals- Lorde

01) Wrecking Ball- Miley Cyrus

Who could deny Miley Cyrus the number 1 spot on any “top list” or music chart for the fall, even the year? Her hit song “Wrecking Ball” quickly became one of the most popular songs of the year. The song hit #1 and as of yesterday it was back up at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. She really deserves the spot with her beautiful song.

What do you think about the songs that made the list? Let me know in the comment section. You can take the conversation over to Twitter by following and tweeting me at @JakeLX.


Taylor Swift Is The Pinnacle Of Success

Last night at The 47th Annual Country Music Association Awards show in Nashville, Taylor Swift won the Pinnacle Award. The Pinnacle Award is given to those country artists that reach true global success. AT only 23(24 next month) Taylor Swift has amounted the success that points to her truly deserving this award. I couldn’t have been happier for her and can’t wait to see how she continues to dominate the music scene.

Before Taylor Swift was awarded the Pinnacle Award they played a video package that talked about her start and her success through her Red Tour. There were congratulations given by musicians of all genres, actors, and actresses. Ellen DeGeneres even congratulated her in a funny way. The stage at the award show had all the people who gave Taylor a chance to open for them when she was just getting started. Tim McGraw(Taylor’s first hit was a song named after him) seemed to be the most emotional as he introduced the award and the achievement it took to reach the status to even be considered for the Pinnacle Award.

You could see that Taylor Swift was actually surprised that she won even though she already knew she won. She commented that she didn’t know about the video and she didn’t know how it would feel actually being on stage accepting the award. Genuine pure surprise that we haven’t seen since she started racking up awards. Taylor’s parents and brother were in attendance and I think it made her even more emotional. I had never seen her father before and her brother can call me if he wants. I will take my responsibility as Taylor’s brother-in-law seriously.

Watching I had goosebumps and my eyes may have gotten a little wet. Hearing her story and seeing how successful she has become truly shows that dreams can come true. If a little girl from Pennsylvania can dream to become a huge country artists, get that and then turn into a huge superstar, then dreams can happen. Congratulations, Taylor Swift!

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift winning the Pinnacle Award? What did you think about the presentation? Let me know in the comment section.


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Walking On Air- Katy Perry

While “Roar” was a great song, but sounded too much like her Teenage Dream music. “Dark Horse” failed to impress me much, I mean, “white pop girl with black rapper man”, seen it and not that impressed. When I first heard “Walking On Air” I had no clue it was Katy Perry. While I think any Katy Perry album will do well and be a great album, I was beginning to get worried that maybe Prism wasn’t going to deliver the promised sound departure from Teenage Dream.

Then I heard “Walking On Air”…. I thought my iTunes Radio station was playing an old dance song from the 90’s. This song while borrowing from the 90’s, sounds totally different from anything on the radio right now. While she went the popular dance route with this track, she made it different by going with this 90’s euro-dance style. The song reminds me of the dance songs that I first heard as a youngster on 107.5 The River when they would do a Saturday night weekend dance thing in the late-90’s. I lived close to Nashville, but far enough that I always had to sit outside with my boombox to pick up the reception. Thank you, Katy for bringing that memory back to me. Out of the three songs released, “Walking On Air” is so far my favourite. Take a listen to this awesome track below.

What do you think of “Walking On Air”? Let me know in the comment section.


Good Time- Paris Hilton feat. Lil’ Wayne

Paris Hilton released her lead single off of her next album called “Good Time”. My first listen through I hated it and only focused on Paris Hilton’s voice which sounds like a grown-up Rebecca Black singing about sexy. The second time I listened to it was better at least for some parts of the song. While I don’t think Paris’ voice is the best, far worst than her hit “Stars Are Blind ” off of her first album Paris, the music from producer and EDM mastermind Afrojack is amazing. He really saves the song from falling flat on its face.

Lil’ Wayne raps midway through and I think he also does a lot for the song as far as vocals. I think Paris Hilton doesn’t have the strongest of voices, but EDM seems to be suited for her type of voice. Usually the vocalists gets auto-tuned and it all flows with the whole of the song. I’m not saying there aren’t beautiful and strong vocalists in the EDM world, I’m just saying a poorer vocalists as an easier time getting on a track in EDM.

Paris knows what she is doing getting on the EDM train and releasing an album that is sure to be filled full of more fast=paced, and catchy dance tracks likes this. She’s no Lady Gaga or Ke$ha when it comes to dance tracks, but she has her own place in that world. Apparently she is actually a pretty good DJ. She has been DJing at clubs this year and even had a residency at a club in Spain. I’m hoping we get to hear her production on her new album.

The worst part of “Good Time” isn’t the actual song itself. It is the horrendous cover art that accompanies it. What was her designers thinking when they were working on it and why did she allow it to be the cover. She looks like a drag queen that has had a rough night singing Cher songs. Really, its horrible.

Overall, “Good Time” will become a big dance music hit, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it perform well on the Top-40 Radio scene. It is a fun song, and if you remember from yesterday, that trumps talent in some aspects. Some of the most talented music artists do Opera. I’d hate to have to listen to that. You gotta have fun with it. Listen to “Good Time” below.

What are your thoughts on Paris Hilton’s new club banger? Let me know in the comment section.


Lady Gaga Reveals A Masterpiece… Her Cover Art

Lady Gaga knew we needed something to help us with the hangover that is Monday. Lady Gaga released her cover art for her new album ARTPOP. The cover art features a statue of Lady Gaga done by no one other than Jeff Koons, the artists Gaga sings about in the lead single for ARTPOP, Applause. The artwork also shows a giant blue ball between Gaga’s statute’s legs. Maybe it represents her giving straight guys blue balls as she gropes her cement breasts? The album’s cover art really is an art piece. Lady Gaga really is bring art into pop culture. ARTPOP is due out in North America November 11.

What are your thoughts on the cover art? Are you exited for the release of ARTPOP? Let me know in the comment section.