Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Being Dropped

(03.27.2015) Today I am discussing Little Big Town’s new single “Girl Crush”. Country radio stations across the country are dropping it because their listeners say it supports the LGBT community. What are your thoughts?

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Top Songs of Summer 2012 (#5-#1)

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#1. “Pontoon”- Little Big Town

Now I am not a country fan, however I feel like a the top summer song if available should be a song that includes having a good time doing something fun during the summer. This song got my number 1 because “Call Me Maybe” isn’t really a summer specific song despite it having to be the most played song of the summer. “Pontoon” also has really great lyrics and really turns into a song that is SUMMER and makes you feel like you are floating on the lake with your friends. It also helps that Little Big Town doesn’t seem to be TOO country.

-Released April 30, 2012

-First single from their new album Tornado(due out September 11, 2012)

-Peaked at #1 on the US Country Chart and #22 on the US Hot 100 chart

#2. “Call Me Maybe”- Carly Rae Jepsen

If you pick a summer song based on how viral the song is, how amny times it has been played on radio, and if you are hearing it everywhere, this song would be number one. Unfortuantly for Carl Rae, there was a summery song that that beat odds and went pretty high on the regular charts despite its genre not typically charting well unless you count Taylor Swift.

-Released September 20, 2011(Canada), February 20, 2012(Europe), February 22, 2012(US)

-First single off of Carly’s new album Kiss(due out September 18, 2012)

-Peaked at # 1 on US Pop Songs & Hot 100, #2 on US Adult Pop Songs, #4 on US Adult Contemporary, & #8 on US Hot Dance Club Songs charts.

-Certified Platinum 5x in the US

#3. “Lights”- Ellie Goulding

-Released March 13, 2011

-First US single and the sixth UK single from her debut album Lights(released February 26, 2010)

-Spent a year and three months on the US Hot 100 Chart before finally peaking at #2 this summer.

-It also charted# 1 on US Pop Songs, #4 on US Adult Pop Songs, #18 on US Adult Contemporary, & #32 on US Hot Dance Club Songs charts.

-Ellie Goulding’s second album comes out October 8, 2012

#4. “Feel So Close”- Calvin Harris

-Released August 19, 2011

-The second single from his new album 18 Months(due out October 29, 2012)

– Second song to chart(first one was “We Found Love” by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris).

-Peaked at # 8 on US Pop Songs, #12 on US Hot 100, #28 on US Adult Pop, & #33 on US Hot Dance Club Songs charts.

#5. “Wide Awake”- Katy Perry

-Released May 22, 2012

-Second single off of the rereleased Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection(released March 26, 2012).

-Tenth #1 single on US Hot Dance Club Songs chart and her ninth #1 sing on the Mainstream Top 40(Pop Songs) chart tying her and Rihanna with the most #1’s on that chart.

-Also charted #2 US Hot 100(her eleventh consecutive top ten hit), #1 US Pop Songs, #1 US Adult Pop Songs, #10 US Adult Contemporary.