A New American Idol… Again. Welcome to Season 14.

I swore off American Idol for good after taking a break in 2012 and giving it another try in 2013. I did not watch the 2014 season for lack of interest. I never thought I would be watching the show in its 14th season in 2015.

Why am I exactly watching? Mainly the promise of shorter episodes and a new format that may make the show less time consuming. It also seems like they may have a better way to choose a person to win that can not just sing, but can give the presence of an established artist. I’m also excited to see what Big Machine Records boss, Scott Borchetta, can do for the dying show. So far some of his tweaking as already made for a better show.

I also think the judges have the best chemistry since Paula Abdul bid the judges table adieu way back when. Harry Connick Jr. is oddly likeable and has a mostly goofy personality. He sometimes comes across as an ass and seems to want more from the people auditioning then what is needed at this stage in the competition. Him and Keith seem to have a somewhat forced “broship”. I say forced because they want that connection to compete against The Voice‘s “broship” of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Jennifer Lopez is there always so down to earth and kinda the little sister in the middle of her two older brothers.

I don’t believe the show will ever reach its former glory days, but I also don’t think even if ratings go up a little that the show will last for more than a handful of more years. While still incredibly cheap to make and produce, the show is losing sponsorship’s that will end up causing the price tag on this old dog to go up each season. Last year AT&T cut the cord on the show, and this year the show has lost Coca-Cola. The Ford Motor Company is still holding on for another season, but honestly, I think we all hope the cheesy commercials that the Idol have to do, are gone.

The biggest problem with the show in the last few years has been that no one talks about the contestants. I have written 373 words and haven’t mentioned the talent of the shows contestants once. That is a problem for the show. The show has become more about itself. Everyone talks about who will judge, are the judges leaving, Ryan Seacrest, the show is losing ratings, the show is losing sponsors… Not the people trying to win the record deal. I’m not even going to talk much about the talent because the talents is still not the focus of anyone’s attention.

What I will say about the talent is, they do seem to be sending some better people through. The only name I really remember is the blind guy, Garret Miles. That guy can sing with such ease it is kinda crazy. So, go Garret.

Did you watch the new(again) American Idol? What did you think? Let me know on the comment section below.


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American Idol Has New Judges

The best news I’ve heard for a while about the slacking American Idol came out today. We knew coming out of this season’s finale that there would be only three judges next season. We also knew Randy Jackson was leaving the show after 12 seasons with American Idol. We also now know that Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Keith Urban are not returning to the show next season. We also have known that the show was looking at a fresh take and possible format change for the show. What could the show possibly do with its rough run on finding judges since Simon Cowell left? The show is looking to its former Idols to bring the show back to life and judge next season. I heard the rumour yesterday and thought they would have to get this done quickly since auditions begin next month or July. yesterday when I first heard this rumour, I was very excited because I was thinking it would be a nice fresh take on the show that should be drama free, at least from the judges standpoint.

The show has apparently signed on Jennifer Hudson as the first of the former Idols hired to judge. Even though Jennifer didn’t win her season, she has went on to do more than the runner-up and winner of her season. I think she will do very well with judging the new crop of Idol hopefuls this upcoming season.

The next judge who is reportedly close to signing her judging contract is Kelly Clarkson. Once again I think she would do very well at this job. I also believe that she is due for a nice break from her music career. She is the original American Idol and has been busy ever since her win on the show. Even though her popularity keeps growing and she is even now beginning to do stuff in country music, I feel a well deserved break is due for he. A season on this show could be just that break she needs, while not letting anyone forget about her

The next and final judging spot seems to be going to a guy. The two names being thrown around are Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken. I feel like Adam Lambert would be better suited for this position. Like Kelly he is current and well-known for his music. The only thing that could hurt him is his popularity is higher over in Europe as opposed to over here in the US. I think he would just be able to work better with the future contestants than Clay Aiken would. I just feel like if you have the über successful ladies above judging, you need another star like Adam to feel in the last seat.

I think this idea is phenomenal and a way that could excite people to come back to the show. The whole point of this is to show everyone that while American Idol is losing in ratings, it still remains the only competitive music show that has been able to launch stars. It also is a make It’s a way to showcase their biggest success stories as judges. I feel like FOX also has to know that if this doesn’t work and if any other changes that are coming can’t life the show back up, nothing will. I also would like to think that FOX realizes that it will never rise back as the mammoth that it was. It won’t be the bright star on the TV landscape that it was.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the new judges and where American Idol is going? Also let me know if you’d rather have Adam Lambert or Clay Aiken as the final new judge?

The Dog Is Out

Randy Jackson finally announced his departure from American Idol after 12 seasons and being the only remaining original judge. This came after rumours that FOX was seeking to replace all four of the current judges as a part of a complete makeover for the show next season. It was reported that no one knew he was going to do this on the show. Apparently Ryan Seacrest even joked with him about it during last nights show.

Randy has always been my least favourite judge. In the beginning he was overshadowed by Simon Cowell’s meanness and Paula Abdul’s craziness(drunkenness). His only thing that made anyone like him was his “dog” references, but even that grew old and tiresome. This season of Idol was the first season I had watched in two to three years and once again he was overshadowed by all the other chaos on the show this season.

I don’t really blame him for wanting to exit this sinking ship, even if they were going to get rid of him anyway. I think it is respectable that he announced his departure before the show could announce they were getting rid of all four judges. I think he truly stayed on the show for way too long and should have departed a few seasons ago.

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Has Sue Sylvester Left Glee For Good

After last week’s emotional episode it seems like we could possibly be done with Jane Lynch’s character, Sue Sylvester. While no one died during McKinley High’s school “shooting”, the end of Sue Sylvester is just as bad as another character dying. No Sue really isn’t a big surprise if you’ve been watching this season of Glee.

Sue Sylvester got fired from McKinley High on last weeks’ episode of Glee protecting Becky, the down syndrome character that Sue Sylvester always had a soft spot and connection with. Becky brought the gun because she thought she has to protect herself from the world when she graduates. Instead of letting Becky get expelled, Sue says she has a gun in her school, office due to the way things have been going in the country lately. The last we see of Sue is at the end of the episode where she is packing up her things and leaving the school.

I kinda figured we would be saying goodbye to Jane Lynch and her character Sue Sylvester a few episodes into this current season. Sue’s presence at McKinley High has slowly waned from the beginning of the episode and has went some episodes without even being seen or mentioned. Sue has been known from the beginning as the Glee Club’s enemy number one. She quickly grew a fan base with her cruel jokes, heartless thinking, and aggressive off the wall behaviour. Throughout the course of the show we have also seen that Sue is much like an ogre and has layers.She can be very sweet and have sweet moments when it comes to Becky or her sister who died in an episode.

It would seem to me with Glee‘s ratings way down that FOX has asked for the show to cut some of its budget, which is what I guessed when Jane Lynch became more of a guest appearance than a season regular. They can’t cut the music out which is most likely a huge chunk of the shows budget. If you can cut out some regulars then you save per episode and you have more money to pay guest actors and actresses such as Katey Sagal and Kate Hudson who may boost ratings more than a regular would have. Maybe I am wrong and Jane Lynch wanted out to pursue other interest?

I can’t imagine we won’t see Sue Sylvester ever again. I would be crushed if she isn’t on from time to time, I guess kinda like she has been this season. She definitely better make an appearance on the series finale(next season, May 2014?), when ever that may be.

How did you like last weeks episode of Glee “Shooting Star”? Let me know your thoughts on Jane Lynch’s probable departure and last weeks episode in the comments. Check out my review of the episode down below on my You Tube channel.

A New Idol

As American Idol host Ryan Seacrest said tonight at the beginning of the show, a new era for Idol has begun. An era that seems to be filled with drama fueled by the drama mama diva, Mariah Carey, herself. You could tell from the beginning the producers were going to play up the Minaj vs. Carey in a big way. The very first time you see the two together, they are rolling eyes and taking jabs at each other.

I really had no idea that Mariah Carey is so egotistical. I mean, yeah, she has an awesome voice and can hit those high notes, but personality as to count in there somewhere. Right? She really comes across as someone who thinks she is better than anyone else in the room. She really needs to remember that many younger viewers really can’t recall anything that she has done except for her amazing Christmas albums. I’m 22 and cannot think of a name of any chart topping song. I think one of the most annoying things about her on this show is how she brings every thing back to her. You could literally be talking about doing anything and she has a comparable story or something that can top it.

I think one of the funniest things tonight was when Nicki started doing her British accent. Guess what? Mariah started doing it too. It seemed like they were both trying to top the others use of the accent. It reminded me of when Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne’s characters in Bridesmaids started to try to top the other’s speech at the engagement party. It was kind of ridiculous on Mariah’s part, considering it was obviously something that Nicki was doing before she started.

In case you think I came into the show rooting for Nicki, you’re wrong. I thought maybe Nicki was provoking Mariah, a lady I assumed was down to earth and caring. I was wrong. Mariah comes across as I’ve stated, egotistical and even fake. She just seems genuinely fake to most of the contestants. But, hey! It is a win-win for Idol, because they got people like me watching after getting so bored with it two seasons ago that are watching again. So, way to go FOX and Idol.

I can’t wait to see what comes of the drama throughout the season. We have still yet to see the big blow up that occurred to make Mariah, “scared” for her life. That should be good since now Mariah has extra security because she is afraid that Nicki is going to kill her. Now if that isn’t drama, I’m not sure what exactly is?

Now it is your turn to let me know what your thoughts were on tonight’s Idol, and on the Nicki and Mariah feud down below in the comments. It is much appreciated! Thanks!


New Year, New Britney?

Like me, Britney Spears may be taking 2013 to renew herself and do more for herself. Earlier this week it was reported that Britney Spears was not going to be returning to the singing competition show The X-Factor. Britney Spears announced that she wasn’t returning due to the fact that she was working on her new album and wouldn’t be available due to its release this year. Some people think Britney was actually not asked back to the show due to their not being a huge ratings rise this season. From what I heard, she did well. It was also reported that the higher-up’s were impressed by the way Britney handled the show and how well she judged. To me it sounds like this was just a problem like with The Voice judges, where these are current artists who are still making albums, touring, and still have a big image to hold on to.

Another piece of Britney news from this past week… Britney and her fiancé Jason Trawick have called off their engagement and broken up. The rumours have been there for months and they finally came true. I feel like Trawick was good for Britney and was put in her life to help her get her life back together. It seems like the pair have a continued good friendship and are going to try to be there for each other. Maybe after a few years the spark wasn’t there. I commend Britney on having a long engagement and seeing if things continued to go smoothly before they said “I do.”.

I think Britney is back to who she was before those “crazy” days that she became known for in the middle 2000’s. She has an amazing single with Will.i.am that while not of music genius, is a very catchy song that I love and that is doing very well. I think she has a clean slate and enough time now to create an album that even blows away her best critiqued album, 2011’s Femme Fatale. I’ve read she has experimented with some new sounds and plans on doing some stuff outside of her comfort zone. I think Britney will continue to be America’s sweetheart for years to come, if for no other reason, she’s Britney, bitch.

“SNL” Entering A Turbulent Era?

Some would say that NBC’s SNL is already in a turbulent era that started a few years ago. I don’t see it that way. I love the show and I will have to say that this season has been the worse that I’ve watched, but each episode has had its moments. The skits just seem to not be as funny and the show has been lacking Andy Samberg’s SNL Digital Short moments. It seems that if you want a funny skit, it has to include the loveable and hilarious Kristen Wiig. There is a problem to that though… Kristen Wiig’s contract is up at the end of this year and it is rumoured that she has no plans on staying on SNL. Why would she? It has launched her career in Hollywood and hit her household name status with last May’s release of Bridesmaids. She really has no reason to stay on SNL and in the long run the show would hurt her further development in Hollywood. I went into this season knowing that we at home, would most likely be saying goodbye to Kristen Wiig at the end of the season. So, I’ve made peace with that fact and no we will see her in some awesome movies in the future.

Jason Sudeikis is another one rumoured to be leaving. He is probably SNL‘s number two person that needs to be in a skit if Kristen Wiig isn’t in a skit. He probably is my number two on the show as well. He has been more and more in movies and last years hit Horrible Bosses, really ironed in that he was going to be a long-lasting funny guy in Hollywood. Again, SNL would just hold him back from furthering his career in movies. I’m not as sad to see him leave SNL, but again, we will see him in the future in more movies.

Then last to be rumoured to leave is Andy Samberg. He’s funny, but I feel like on SNL the writers held back parts for him. I think it is because he spent so much time on his “digital shorts” for the show, so maybe he in turn made it easy to not be written in as many sketches. This season the shorts haven’t been that great. Normally they are music videos based on songs from The Lonely Island, but they have used most of the songs, if not all, on the shorts already from their current album. Andy Samberg has been in a few movies here and there and has really started to be in more and more. His biggest part in a movie is coming out soon in Adam Sandler’s new movie, That’s My Boy, where he has a lead role, playing Adam Sandler’s son, that Sandler’s character had when he was in his early teen’s. So, we will be seeing him in more movies I am sure.

The more I read the history of SNL, I really understand that this happens. The people come and go, with some going on to bigger and better things, and some just fading away. Not all are on the show forever, except for Kenan Thompson. The show apparently goes from bad periods to really good periods. I think if all three of the above do leave at the end of the season that the show may enter into a bad period. They haven’t really found awesome replacements for Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, or Amy Poehler, and now they may three more to try to replace. Whatever happens, I’ll be watching SNL regardless. God, knows I stayed with MadTV until the very end, and that was rather hard.