Being Mean To Taylor Swift’s Mom

(04.10.2015) Thursday Taylor Swift told the world that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. People were mostly supportive and comforting, but some internet jerks were still at it. I don’t get it, especially with something like cancer.

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Taylor Swift Is The Pinnacle Of Success

Last night at The 47th Annual Country Music Association Awards show in Nashville, Taylor Swift won the Pinnacle Award. The Pinnacle Award is given to those country artists that reach true global success. AT only 23(24 next month) Taylor Swift has amounted the success that points to her truly deserving this award. I couldn’t have been happier for her and can’t wait to see how she continues to dominate the music scene.

Before Taylor Swift was awarded the Pinnacle Award they played a video package that talked about her start and her success through her Red Tour. There were congratulations given by musicians of all genres, actors, and actresses. Ellen DeGeneres even congratulated her in a funny way. The stage at the award show had all the people who gave Taylor a chance to open for them when she was just getting started. Tim McGraw(Taylor’s first hit was a song named after him) seemed to be the most emotional as he introduced the award and the achievement it took to reach the status to even be considered for the Pinnacle Award.

You could see that Taylor Swift was actually surprised that she won even though she already knew she won. She commented that she didn’t know about the video and she didn’t know how it would feel actually being on stage accepting the award. Genuine pure surprise that we haven’t seen since she started racking up awards. Taylor’s parents and brother were in attendance and I think it made her even more emotional. I had never seen her father before and her brother can call me if he wants. I will take my responsibility as Taylor’s brother-in-law seriously.

Watching I had goosebumps and my eyes may have gotten a little wet. Hearing her story and seeing how successful she has become truly shows that dreams can come true. If a little girl from Pennsylvania can dream to become a huge country artists, get that and then turn into a huge superstar, then dreams can happen. Congratulations, Taylor Swift!

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift winning the Pinnacle Award? What did you think about the presentation? Let me know in the comment section.


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Lady Gaga and Josh Hutcherson To Host SNL

SNL just announced that Lady Gaga will be hosting and performing on the November 16 episode of SNL. Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games movie franchise will be hosting the November 23. The musical guest that night is a group called Haim.

Lady Gaga of course has her new album ARTPOP that is being released November 11, so it would be logical that she would be hosting the Saturday after the release. I also am very excited that she is hosting as well as performing. I like when she has hosted in the past and she does very well.

Josh Hutcherson with whom I share an October 12 birthday with is in the second film from The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. This will be the first time that he has hosted the show. I don’t feel like I need to say much about him. You’ve been under a rock if you don’t know who he is. The same can be said for Gaga.

The musical guest on November 23 is Haim. I can’t seem to find much on them except that they are an indie rock group from LA that is made up of three sisters. I guess we will find out more about them on the 23rd when we see them perform live.

What do you think about these recently announced hosts and musical guests? Let me know in the comment section.


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Why The Hate On Julianne Hough?

I really don’t get why people got so outraged over Julianne Hough’s costume for Halloween over the weekend? Halloween is about becoming something that your not the other 364 days of the year. It’s a freedom, and if there were no ill-intentions behind the costume, then there really shouldn’t be a problem. In case you’ve been under a rock, Julianne Hough dressed as her favourite character on the hit Netflix show Orange Is The New Black. The character she went as is named “Crazy Eyes” and is African American. Julianne tried to make her skin darker and did what is called “blackface”. Blackface is when a white person wears make-up to look like a black person.

It doesn’t help that Julianne’s costume was taking way out of context. What a lot of places aren’t telling you is Julianne’s friends were also dressed like characters from the show. This wasn’t some race thing where she was just being a “black person is jail”, she was dressed the part for her favourite character. It’s really sad that everyone has over reacted.

Do you think Julianne Hough was in the wrong for choosing this as her Halloween costume, or do you think people are making more out of this than there really is? Let me know in the comment section.


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Black Women Aren’t Funny?

Kenan Thompson of NBC’s SNL has caused some controversy when he started discussing the shows lack of diversity when it comes to women cast members. He said that when it comes to auditions for the show they don’t have black women who are “ready” for the show. I find this hard to believe since SNL’s former FOX rival MadTV had no trouble casting women of colour. I also see funny black women on You Tube doing sketches, sketches that are sometimes even funnier than SNL. While I do think this is a problem that the show should correct, we also have to realize what I’ve known for a while, women are funny. Women are just now really being recognized as a whole in the comedic industry. If you think of all of the women in the past few years to break through to mainstream comedy outlets, they have been white. In this day in age, it is sad that we still have to go through this hierarchy of ethnicities and let one at a time be “allowed” to participate.

People don’t like that Kenan or a white man or woman have to become black for parts on the show, but sometimes I think that is what makes the sketch funny. I can’t see any woman or man being able to do Kenan’s Whoopi Goldberg impression. I also don’t think anyone else could do Kenan’s Reba impression any better either. Let’s hope there isn’t a backlash over the lack of white, red-haired women not being covered fairly on the show.

Either way you lie on this topic, we can all agree that women are generally just now being offered big jobs in comedy. I don’t mean the ones who had to fight for it like Ellen, but the ones that have become popular in the last ten years or so. You also have to agree that we still live in a mainly conservative country where Hollywood tries to not be racists, but it happens based on viewers opinions. We will see more funny women of colour on TV in the next ten years, but it is something we are still going to have to wait for in the immediate future.

I also think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Kenan was simply stating what goes on in the entertainment industry, specifically the comedy part of that industry. He his self wasn’t saying they weren’t ready, he was saying that based on the “standards” of SNL they aren’t ready. I’m not particularly sure if he said his belief, but no one would really care at this point.

What are your thoughts on the lack of women of colour on SNL and in prominent comedy jobs in general? Let me know in the comment section.


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The Next Two SNL Hosts

SNL has announced the next two hosts and musical performances for the October 26 and November 2 shows. The show is taking a week off this week and is replaying the first episode of the season.

On the October 26 episode Edward Norton will be hosting the show and Janelle Monae will be the musical guest. If you have no clue who Edward Norton is, you’re not alone cause I wasn’t sure either. He actually has done a lot of stuff on TV and in movies, but it looks like minor parts. He was the Hulk in the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk. You may know him from his most recent acting jobs in the films Moonrise Kingdom and The Bourne Legacy. Looks like the next film he is in doesn’t come out until 2014 and is called Birdman.

Janelle Monae should be a household name by now after seeing exposure from the song “We Are Young” by fun., which she was the featured artist. She has had two previous albums that I haven’t listened to yet, but those were before the fun. exposure. She just released an new album in September called The Electric Lady which I have heard some songs from. She has a great voice and her songs are great, so I am excited to see her perform on the show for the first time. She definitely is one that deserves to be heard by millions.

On the November 2 episode Kerry Washington will be hosting with Eminem as the musical guest. You have most definitely heard of Kerry Washington from ABC’s hit show Scandal. I don’t watch the show and know that she is in the show and what it’s about. Kerry was also in the critically acclaimed and widely talked about Django: Unchained that came out at the end of last year.

Eminem has been away for a few years, but he has returned to make an attempt to take back the rap throne. Can he do it? Possibly with songs like “Berzerk” he is destined to make a strong comeback with a new sound and vibe. His new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is set to be released November 5, so it is a good thing he is on this show the Saturday before. It will be good to give him more exposure to others that may not know he is back.

All in all I think it is hard for me to decide how these shows will go. I think the musical guests are solid for the next two episodes, but not sure on the hosts. It seems the hosts I think will be funny aren’t, and the ones I think won’t be funny are, so going by that, I would say these will be two funny episodes. We just got to remember that SNL is in a rebuilding phase.

What are your thoughts on the next two episodes of SNL? Let me know in the comment section below.


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Zombies Eat Away Ratings Competition

AMC’s flagship show The Walking Dead got off to an amazing start last night when season four premiered with 16.1 million viewers. That beat its old record for the season three finale of 12.1 million viewers. The makes it the most watched television show of the season and even beat out the MLB and NFL games that were on TV. That within itself is an accomplishment and I applaud it. It’s not a surprise with so many viewers coming on to the show each season that many people got caught up over the summer to be able to watch the fourth season as it rolls out.

Now was the season premiere episode that great? I would be inclined to say no, not at all. I myself wanted to see more of what they’ve done with the prison to make it more hospitable for a village worth of people to easily live in the prisons confines. The episode has some action which was better than most episodes from last season. I do think it feels like we are almost entering a different chapter in the series which is why this episode did feel more like a pilot(as if the show was starting now, months after the initial outbreak). We got a glimpse at some problems that the prison may face with the fence protecting them, disease, and outsiders wanting inside the prison. Then we have the governor lurking around somewhere, but must no be too close since Michonne can’t seem to find him.

While I don’t think the episode was as good as it could have been, I won’t judge the series that hard. We are starting fresh with something new in a sense, and it needs to be set-up. Also with so many new viewers it is a good thing to start slower. Again, at least this episode was better than most from season three. Now, lets really ramp this show up and give us the action we want and deserve as long time viewers and fans of the series.