Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Being Dropped

(03.27.2015) Today I am discussing Little Big Town’s new single “Girl Crush”. Country radio stations across the country are dropping it because their listeners say it supports the LGBT community. What are your thoughts?

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How Could I Want More- Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears isn’t the only one in the Spears family releasing new music here at the end of the year. Her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears is relaunching her country music career after taking a hiatus in 2011. You may remember her as Zooey from Nickelodeon’s hit TV show in the early 2000’s called Zooey 101. After the show Jamie Lynn wanted to start a country music career and moved to Nashville after she had her first child.

“How Could I Want More” is Jamie Lynn’s first single ever since none of her previous work was sent out. The single reminds me of an early Taylor Swift song and it sounds really good. Jamie Lynn’s voice is, dare I even say it, better than Britney Spears’ voice. The song really shows off how well she can sing. I love Britney, but you can’t use auto-tune in a country song(at least not yet). The song is catchy enough and I think could be a big hit on country radio. Will it make a big crossover hit as well considering who her sister is? You can hear more Jamie Lynn by listening to the track on Britney’s new album Britney Jean out December 2. She is featured on one of the albums tracks. Listen to “How Could I Want More” below.

What did you think of Jamie Lynn’s “How Could I Want More”? Let me know in the comments.


The Problem With Taylor Swift

The problem with Taylor Swift is not herself, but from the genre she calls her original home. Country music found Taylor Swift cute, and loved her when at sixteen-years-old she released her first single “Tim McGraw”. She was a young, twangy girl who was a nice novelty that wouldn’t go very far in her career. She wouldn’t become a threat to huge country superstars. They couldn’t have been more wrong about that though.

While her first album Taylor Swift came out in 2006, it was very country in sound and twang, her sophomore album, Fearless, is what made her career take off. Fearless was released in 2009, and was Taylor’s first take on country pop and she even had two singles make it to mainstream Top-40 radio. “Love Story” was the first single to crossover and began to play on mainstream radio. “Love Story” became a huge success along with the next crossover single “You Belong With Me”. During the Fearless era is when Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech for the VMA’s Best Female Video for “You Belong With Me”. Even I think that this one event helped Taylor’s career skyrocket. I do believe she is very talented, and I do think she was going to get where she is now, but I think it would have taken a little longer had Kanye not interrupted the little unknown, to most, country girl accepting her award.

Taylor’s third album, Speak Now, perfected the country pop sound when it was released in 2010.  All the tracks could very easily be played on country radio and mainstream radio. Speak Now had six singles, four of which were successful on both country and mainstream radio. Those four singles are “Mine”, “Back To December”, “Mean”, and “Ours”. “The Story of Us” and “Sparks Fly”, the other two singles released were more successful on country radio along with the previous four singles mentioned. Taylor even was awarded a Grammy for the song “Mean”. Taylor was so huge by the time Speak Now was released, she embarked on a world tour. Not many country, old country, or country pop artists do world tours.

By the time we get to last year for the release of Red, Taylor had become a huge star around the entire world. People every where knew her name and knew who she was, and were singing her songs.  Taylor was ready to move on and experiment with her sound beyond anything she had done before. Red was released in October 2012 to high praise from most critics. Country music fans seemed to hate it before it even came out with the single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” being released to country and mainstream radio. While the single didn’t do as well on country radio, it was Taylor’s first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100. “Begin Again” was released as the second single and fared better on country radio, but was pretty successful on mainstream radio as well. The second single, “I knew You Were Trouble” was just sent to mainstream radio and rightfully so, as it is Taylor’s least country song that she has ever made. “22” was the next single which was sent to mainstream radio. I thought this one could be played on country, as I find it no different from most of the tracks on Speak Now. The fifth single is “Everything Has Changed”, which features Ed Sheeran. It is unclear if the single is being released in North America, but it is confirmed for the UK. The rest of the tracks on Red all could easily be crossover hits for both country and mainstream radio. The next country radio single is going to be the title song “Red”. I think we could also see “Everything Has Changed”, “All Too Well”, “State of Grace”, and a few more that could be crossover hits.

Many have said that Taylor only used country music to get into the business, because it is easier to get into country. First, that isn’t saying much about your preferred genre of music. Second, Taylor has said she loves country music and I believe her. She still seems to be well liked by her country music peers, and still works with many of them. If they hated her, “Highway Don’t Care” wouldn’t have been made. Most of the hate seems to come from the country fans and critics. Fortunately neither make the business shots in Nashville. While Taylor seems to be getting exiled from country music, fans love hearing Florida Georgia Line, The Band Perry, Carrie Underwood, and many more country artists that have that same country pop and country rock sound that Taylor Swift makes. Why aren’t these artists ridiculed?

I have a feeling it is jealousy of her being so successful beyond country music. It has to do with her being that successful and a woman, as country music has never been a genre of music that has made it easy to be a woman. Before Taylor became a huge crossover success, the fans and critics were already talking her down all the time. I also think the conservative fan base doesn’t like her more Hollywood life. She does hangout with actors and actresses, and other big non-country music artists. At the same time she still comes back t her home, Nashville and hangout with everyone there. She doesn’t seem to have let the fame and success go to her head. She is never in trouble and the tabloids never have anything on her except her love life. It’s easy with nothing else to go after, they go after her music, and if she is country or not. It’s exactly all the things that made “Mean” a Grammy award-winning song.


Taylor Demands A Full Stage

If you watched the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, you were treated to the debut live performance of Taylor Swift’s newest single “22”. Unlike her other hit singles, it had yet to be featured live on TV for the masses. It was done in a very unique way and demanded not only a full stage, but also the use of the “backstage” areas and going through the crowd.

While I won’t go into detail about everything in the performance, I will say Taylor was one of the best performances of the night. She literally had so much going on that you shouldn’t have even thought about being bored. She was also the only performer there to use the two wings off of the main stage for dancers and screens. Who said Taylor Swift couldn’t host stadium shows? She certainly was able to feel the MGM Grands performance area to the brim.

She started in the backstage area, rode on a bike on some guys back from the entrance to the arena to the stage. Then in the middle she had some breakdown with the Jabbawockeez dancers, and then to end it all, she showers the crowd with red balloons. The balloon  move was truly a way of Taylor saying this is my stage, bitches.

Now watch the performance below and tell me what you think in the comments. After that go buy the single, or better yet, the whole Red album if you haven’t already.

Music: Red By Taylor Swift Album Review

Red Album Review:

I believe many people in the world of country music was afraid that Red was going to be released as a full on “pop” album, but I have to say that after listening to the album, the majority of the tracks don’t sound too different from the songs on Speak Now. I know that isn’t relief to some hardcore country music fans, but hey, she’s not leaving her roots entirely and will continue to live in the country pop realm of country music.

The only exception to this album is “I Knew You Were Trouble” which, yes, is nowhere near country music, but closer to a dance track. It’s also a big “fuck you” to John Mayer, so I may have enjoyed it a little too much. What you will find on this fourth album by Taylor is a mix of that new country sound like Speak Now, rock, and singer-songwriter. Some of the tracks have been compared to U2 and Coldplay, but I honestly don’t see any comparisons, but would gladly accept anyone who could explain why this has been said about some of these tracks.

You will also find a Taylor that has grown as an artist vocally. Her voice shines better than ever, and if you think it is auto tune, I will tell you to go to one of her concerts or listen to the acoustic version of “State of Grace” found on the deluxe version of the album. I think this album will grab anyone left that is on the line of liking Taylor and bring them aboard the S.S. Swift.

Red in general is a very sad album about heartbreak. There are little glimmers of happiness, daydreams, and love that has been. Not all the songs are down tempo songs of tragic love that Taylor seems to always go through; there are some up tempo songs about her tragic love life. Overall, I do think that this is Taylor Swift’s best album of her career, and I am sure she will question it and will continue to be as humble as ever, as she always has been.

Rating: 5/5

The Track-By-Track Review:

1)      State of Grace: Definitely a song that has that big arena song sound. Has more of a rocking sound than most of Taylor’s songs. I think the main line of thought is how you have to fight for love to last, but it is worth it in the end. It also has the minor theme of being caught off guard by someone who you never saw coming or someone you didn’t see falling in love with at first. Rated it the way I did because I think it is a good song that isn’t typical Taylor, but good.

Rating: 4/5

2)      Red: The title track and theme of this album. This song is the sound that we are used to hearing from Swift. The song is about how quickly Taylor is to fall in love and that even if the relationship ends suddenly; it is still as passionate for her as a longer relationship is for other people.

Rating: 4/5

3)      Treacherous: Like, “Red” this track is similar to Taylor’s Speak Now sound. The song is about dating someone who is clearly bad for her, but hey, this starlet loves chasing after the bad boy even though she knows it isn’t going to be a healthy relationship. I rated it so low because I think it slows down the front half of the album from the two first tracks. Also, I feel like it is about John Mayer, and he’s an ass.

Rating: 2/5

4)      I Knew You Were Trouble: I know most people who want country Taylor is going to hate this song. This song however is going to do amazingly well on the Top 40 charts I do believe. Many hate to see Taylor work with the Swedish Max Martin producer. Martin is better known for working with Katy Perry and Britney Spears. This song is probably one of my faves on the album. It is the farthest thing from country that Taylor has attempted. I mean the song is so catchy, has dubstep(not heavy), and I know it pisses off John Mayer better than “Treacherous” will. For all of these reasons and probably more, I rate this song the highest I can.

Rating: 5/5

5)      All Too Well: This is another great song on the album. Even if Taylor won’t tell us that it’s about Jake Gyllenhaal, she leaves plenty of lyrical hints. I feel like this song makes her seem as well-spoken as she is during interviews. It is also much more mature than the other song about this relationship, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. The way she comes across in this song is about the same as “Back To December”(Taylor Lautner), she really loved him. This time unlike with Lautner, she was the one who got broken up with. The music, the lyrics lends this track to a higher rating.

Rating: 5/5

6)      22: This is the second song on the album to be produced by Max Martin. Again, I like it. It is fun and makes you wanna dance. I feel like it doesn’t step too far out of the Taylor-sound, but isn’t clearly just her sound. I think this song expresses what Taylor is always saying. She lives the most normal life that she can and no matter what everything will be okay with her life if she is still able to have fun. I feel like this song means more to me cause I just turned 22.

Rating: 4/5

7)      I Almost Do: This is probably one of the prettier songs on the album. It is about how her and a guy have broken up, and he keeps trying to talk to her afterward, but she can’t speak to him and say goodbye to him all over again. The basis of this is she does wanna call him, but she knows she isn’t over him enough to allow herself to talk to him and not get hurt cause she wants him to ask her to be a couple again.

Rating: 3/5

8)      We Are Never Getting Back Together: I don’t really need to explain this song to anyone, now do I? This is Taylor immature break-up song with Jake and while the clues are a bit vaguer, they are still there, and say that it is about Jake. This is Max Martin produced which is the only reason I can imagine country radio has shunned it in a way. The song sounds country pop, so not sure their problem. Who says a Swedish producer can’t do country?

Rating: 3/5

9)      Stay Stay Stay: This is a song that when you first listen to it, you will think this is a crap song. I love Taylor and thought this. The chorus is just so… So, simple? After a second or third listen you will love it though. It is a funny song that is on the happier side of this otherwise sad album. It is about her dating someone who even though they fight, they both know that they aren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Rating: 3/5

10)   The Last Time feat. Gary Light: This is probably one of the sadder songs on the album. It features Gary Light of Snow Patrol, who is known for their sadder songs. It sounds very much like one of Snow Patrol’s songs as well. The song is about a relationship that is falling apart and both people in it are being selfish and asking the other to try again to save the relationship or they both are willing to let the flame die.

Rating: 5/5

11)   Holy Ground: I could be wrong, but I feel like this song is about even though they have broken up, they will always have the fun and memorable memories that they created and shared together. The Holy Ground in this song is those memories.

Rating: 3/5

12)   Sad Beautiful Tragic: This song sounds to me like it is a relationship that didn’t even get off to a great start. It never even had a chance to be something good. This is a slow song, but it is yet again beautiful even if lyrically it is very sad.

Rating: 4/5

13) The Lucky One: This song has quickly grown into one of my favourites. It is about someone who grows up wanting to be famous, then they get it and its great, and then it starts going bad. This person decides to get out of the fame. Then the song goes to Taylor arriving into the fame life and how she has heard the story of this person. The song is really about how people view being lucky depending on where they are in the world. This song definitely has deep roots in how being famous can be great, but you have to give up things for it. It’s not enough to deter myself from wanting to be famous, acting or whatever. I wish I knew who this was about. Many have their theories, and after watching ABC’s All-Access Nashville Special, I am wondering if it is about LeAnn Rimes. Taylor has been compared to her from the start of her career. The only thing that ruins this is she talks about coming to Los Angeles, not Nashville.

Rating: 4/5

14)   Everything Has Changed feat. Ed Sheeran: This song features Sheeran, who is amazing with his own music. He will be opening up for Taylor on the Red Tour and you should check out his album + before you go. Great album! Now to the song, it is about two people meeting for the first time, and how it is so new they just wanna keep learning things about each other. The excitement of dating someone at first and how you feel a change in your life. This song sound very Sheeran(he did produce it), but his music is similar in sound to Taylor’s.

Rating: 5/5

15)   Starlight: This song in the album’s liner notes says clearly it is for Ethel Kennedy. I assumed right without knowing, that this is about how Ethel and Robert “Bobby” F. Kennedy met during the summer of 1945. I guess Taylor most likely heard this story this past summer while she was dating Connor Kennedy. I think it is very sweet of Taylor to do this and at the time of writing it, I am sure she felt like she was living Ethel’s story. I figure even if they have broken up, Ethel will hold this song close and dear to her heart for the remainder of her life.

Rating: 4/5

16)   Begin Again: A classic Taylor sounding song, which is doing well on both the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart and the US Country Songs Chart. It is about how a heart-broken Taylor is still hurt by her last relationship for the past eight months, but then she meets a guy that is so much better to her and enjoys her instead of just himself. I think it is a great song, and a great final song on the regular version of the album. It gives hope that Taylor’s next album can be happy as her new love begins again.

Rating: 5/5

Deluxe Tracks:

1)      The Moment I Knew: This song is a power ballad about how Taylor realizes a guy she is dating isn’t good for her and has proven he isn’t into this relationship. While musically, this song is amazing, I can see why it is on the deluxe version. It is really a Debbie Downer of a song on an album that is on the verge of being too sad.

Rating: 4/5

2)      Come Back… Be Here: I don’t think this song is about Taylor breaking up with anyone at all. I kinda feel like it is more about how her and those that she dates busy lives interfere with her relationships, which I guess eventually leads to their break-ups. It is definitely about a long distance relationship.

Rating: 3/5

3)      Girl At Home: This song is clearly some guy that is trying to get with Taylor, but she knows he has a girlfriend back home. She doesn’t hide how much she doesn’t like guys like this and how she would never help a guy cheat. The weakest of the three bonus tracks.

Rating: 3/5

Miranda Lambert Hates Chris Brown

Miranda Lambert is not a shy girl by any means. Who thought she was? At last Sunday’s Grammy’s Miranda apparently was not pleased to see Chris performing two times in a row and then he won his first ever Grammy. She doesn;t like anyone supporting a guy who has beat on a women(of course we now know Rihanna must not care anymore). Miranda is even going as far as now incorporating a sign saying: “Chris Brown Take Notes” before she sings her song “Gun Powder and Lead” which I just learned is about a woman killing her abusive husband. Who knew? I sure didn’t. I guess her and Rihanna won’t be doing anything together like Rihanna and Sugarland did. Wonder how far this will go and if Chris Brown will respond? I say to Miranda, way to go!

Checkout the latest on what Rihanna and Chris Brown may or may not be up to together here!

Source: E! Online

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum Married

Over the weekend the state of New York was busy with the birth of Beyonce’s baby, Ivy Blue Carter; and Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum got married in upstate New York. I have to say that she always looks very pretty. I also didn’t realize she was so young, she’s only 25. It’s not that she look old or anything, I just don’t think she acts very 25ish. You can read more at the link below.

Source: MSN Wonderwall