Being Mean To Taylor Swift’s Mom

(04.10.2015) Thursday Taylor Swift told the world that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. People were mostly supportive and comforting, but some internet jerks were still at it. I don’t get it, especially with something like cancer.

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Young Cancer Fighter Dies

I won’t right on this because I wasn’t aware of 12-year-old Jessica Rees’ blog on her 10 month fight of brain cancer. I just saw this story on Yahoo and read it. How sad, but she seemed like a smart and strong young lady. I hate to read stories like this myself because they are so sad. I encourage you to read the article yourself by clicking the link below.

Source: Yahoo! News

Giuliana Rancic Surgery Success

Our favorite “E! News” host went under the knife Tuesday night getting a double mastectomy and then having reconstructive surgery all at once. She was apparently having a little pain, but overall everything was looking good. She was tweeting fans by Wednesday morning. I just read the article in this weeks People Magazine about the cancer and everything. She was the cover story and I learned some stuff about what was going on. It was a very sad story, but very touching at the same time. She apparently is set to host E!’s New Years Eve show in NYC, so I hope that she has a very speedy recovery!

Source: MSN Wonderwall