Nightmare- Miley Cyrus

It is rumoured that Miley Cyrus’ newest single has leaked. The song titled “Nightmare” has Miley taken on a different sound from what we heard from her almost two-year-old album Bangerz.

The song has a driving drum beat, and some light dubstep. The song also features Miley’s brilliant vocals quite well. The song has summer hit all over it… So, can we have it released officially soon? The first single off of Bangerz was released June 3, 2013 and it took over summer. It’s not too late for this song to do the same.

Take a listen to “Nightmare” below.

What were your thoughts on “Nightmare”? Love it or hate it, tell me your feelings in the comment section.



Full House Returning on Netflix?

(04.03.2015) Rumour has it that “Full House” may be returning to TV by the way of Netflix.

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Human- Christina Perri

Remember Christina Perri? The girl who can literally sing the phone book, well if they still made the phone book. She is the girl who sang the beautiful song “Jar of Hearts”. Her second single from her debut album lovestrong. was equally as beautiful in the form of “Arms”. You may even remember a gorgeously haunting song in “A Thousand Years” that was played during the credits of Breaking Dawn: Part I in 2011. Since 2011 we have patiently awaited new music from Miss Perri. Her Christmas album released last year wasn’t enough to hold us over, in fact it just made many of us fans craving for more of her non-holiday fare.

It is now 2013 and Christina Perri is ready for the world to hear her voice once again. “Human” was just released on November 18 and it does the same stuff to my ears and spirit that “Jar of Hearts” did. The song is quite simply about her being human. The song is about how she can fake happiness and run through life as a robot, but there is a break point. I am so ecstatic that this song was released and can’t wait for her second album, Head or Heart, which is due out spring 2014. Take a listen to this beautiful ballad down below.

What did you think about “Human”? Was it worth the wait? Let me know in the comment section.



Top 20 Songs of Fall 2013

The top 20 songs of the fall are songs that were popular or songs that I discovered and enjoyed from September 1 thru November 30.

The biggest surprise on this list is that I actually have a One Direction song listed. While it is far down on the list, it is surprising because I never thought I would like any music they ever put out. Shockingly the song “Story of My Life” is very mature sounding and isn’t just a song singing out to the teenage girls. The song is relatable to everyone. Check out the list below and see if your favourite song made the cut.

Honourable Mention: Berzerk- Eminem

20) The Monster- Eminem feat. Rihanna”

19) Story of My Life- One Direction

18) Brave- Sara Bareilles

17) Let Her Go- Passenger

16) Somebody Loves You- Betty Who(Music Used In Home Depot Flashmob Proposal Video)

15) Stay The Night- Zedd feat. Hayley Williams

14) Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

13) Work Bitch- Britney Spears

12) Burn- Ellie Goulding

11) Timber- Pitbull feat. Ke$ha

10) Pompeii- Bastille

09) Counting Stars- OneRepublic

08) 23- Mike WiLL Made It feat. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J

07) Wake Me Up- Avicii

06) Applause- Lady Gaga

05) Roar- Katy Perry

04) Do What U Want- Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly

03) Say Something- Great Big World feat. Christina Augilera

02) Royals- Lorde

01) Wrecking Ball- Miley Cyrus

Who could deny Miley Cyrus the number 1 spot on any “top list” or music chart for the fall, even the year? Her hit song “Wrecking Ball” quickly became one of the most popular songs of the year. The song hit #1 and as of yesterday it was back up at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. She really deserves the spot with her beautiful song.

What do you think about the songs that made the list? Let me know in the comment section. You can take the conversation over to Twitter by following and tweeting me at @JakeLX.


Say Something- A Great Big World feat. Christina Augilera

I have been meaning to review this song for a while now. I heard it once and I was completely hooked. I guess it really took off after it was performed on The Voice, which makes sense since Christina Augilera is a coach on the reality-hit singing competition show. The song is just another one of Christina’s hits as a featured artist. The song originally didn’t have Christina, but she heard it and wanted in on it. I think the song wouldn’t sound as good without her wonderful voice dueting with A Great Big World’s lead singer, Ian Axel.

“Say Something” is of course a break-up song. If you ever have heard the song you should be able to pick-up on that. The song is beautiful and is a little stronger brew than most break-up songs that you hear. I mean the main lyric is: “Say something, I’m giving up on you”.  It is about someone finally breaking down and saying if you can’t talk to me or try to help fix this relationship, I’m going to have to leave. Of course it hits the emotions a little harder if you actually listen to the song.

Listen to this brilliant song below!


What are your thoughts on “Say Something’? If you wanna say something(clever, I know) about the song, go ahead and leave a comment in the comment section.


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How Could I Want More- Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears isn’t the only one in the Spears family releasing new music here at the end of the year. Her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears is relaunching her country music career after taking a hiatus in 2011. You may remember her as Zooey from Nickelodeon’s hit TV show in the early 2000’s called Zooey 101. After the show Jamie Lynn wanted to start a country music career and moved to Nashville after she had her first child.

“How Could I Want More” is Jamie Lynn’s first single ever since none of her previous work was sent out. The single reminds me of an early Taylor Swift song and it sounds really good. Jamie Lynn’s voice is, dare I even say it, better than Britney Spears’ voice. The song really shows off how well she can sing. I love Britney, but you can’t use auto-tune in a country song(at least not yet). The song is catchy enough and I think could be a big hit on country radio. Will it make a big crossover hit as well considering who her sister is? You can hear more Jamie Lynn by listening to the track on Britney’s new album Britney Jean out December 2. She is featured on one of the albums tracks. Listen to “How Could I Want More” below.

What did you think of Jamie Lynn’s “How Could I Want More”? Let me know in the comments.


Blockbuster Memories

November 18, 2013- Today I talk about Blockbuster finally closing and the memories left behind.

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