Biscuits- Kacey Musgraves

This song came out in March, but I just heard about it today. I guess it is because the music video just came out June 10. I think the song has a great message that a lot of people need to listen to, including me(sometimes). It speaks to me obviously because of how people give their negative opinion on equal rights.

What do you think of “Biscuits”?



Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Being Dropped

(03.27.2015) Today I am discussing Little Big Town’s new single “Girl Crush”. Country radio stations across the country are dropping it because their listeners say it supports the LGBT community. What are your thoughts?

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A New American Idol… Again. Welcome to Season 14.

I swore off American Idol for good after taking a break in 2012 and giving it another try in 2013. I did not watch the 2014 season for lack of interest. I never thought I would be watching the show in its 14th season in 2015.

Why am I exactly watching? Mainly the promise of shorter episodes and a new format that may make the show less time consuming. It also seems like they may have a better way to choose a person to win that can not just sing, but can give the presence of an established artist. I’m also excited to see what Big Machine Records boss, Scott Borchetta, can do for the dying show. So far some of his tweaking as already made for a better show.

I also think the judges have the best chemistry since Paula Abdul bid the judges table adieu way back when. Harry Connick Jr. is oddly likeable and has a mostly goofy personality. He sometimes comes across as an ass and seems to want more from the people auditioning then what is needed at this stage in the competition. Him and Keith seem to have a somewhat forced “broship”. I say forced because they want that connection to compete against The Voice‘s “broship” of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Jennifer Lopez is there always so down to earth and kinda the little sister in the middle of her two older brothers.

I don’t believe the show will ever reach its former glory days, but I also don’t think even if ratings go up a little that the show will last for more than a handful of more years. While still incredibly cheap to make and produce, the show is losing sponsorship’s that will end up causing the price tag on this old dog to go up each season. Last year AT&T cut the cord on the show, and this year the show has lost Coca-Cola. The Ford Motor Company is still holding on for another season, but honestly, I think we all hope the cheesy commercials that the Idol have to do, are gone.

The biggest problem with the show in the last few years has been that no one talks about the contestants. I have written 373 words and haven’t mentioned the talent of the shows contestants once. That is a problem for the show. The show has become more about itself. Everyone talks about who will judge, are the judges leaving, Ryan Seacrest, the show is losing ratings, the show is losing sponsors… Not the people trying to win the record deal. I’m not even going to talk much about the talent because the talents is still not the focus of anyone’s attention.

What I will say about the talent is, they do seem to be sending some better people through. The only name I really remember is the blind guy, Garret Miles. That guy can sing with such ease it is kinda crazy. So, go Garret.

Did you watch the new(again) American Idol? What did you think? Let me know on the comment section below.


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The Popular Rise of Taylor Swift

DSC02107As the release date on Monday for Taylor Swifts new, and first full-pop album nears, the Taylor Swift pandemonium rages on and continues to grow across the world. This is the same pandemonium and excitement that was ignited when Taylor Swift announced 1989 along with the release of the first single,”Shake It Off”, and the music video to accompany it. I saw Taylor on a magazine cover this past week and it had me thinking about the release of Red two years ago and what has changed with the world and Taylor. It all seems rather odd to me… Keep reading, I’ll explain.

I love Taylor Swift. Point blank… No hiding it. She had me since the first time I heard her first crossover hit song “Love Story” back in the latter half of summer 2009. I am not a country music fan, at least not until Taylor came along. Even though her second album Fearless sounded less country than most people were use to a country album sounding, I still said Taylor was the only country singer I like. It is probably Taylor herself that has to be thanked for the change of country music into what it is today. Had she not had the crossover success that she had, we probably wouldn’t have this new era of country rock. Country music that even I can get behind.

DSC02231Taylor Swift seems to have changed one genre of music and catapulted it into further exposure than ever before. The question now remains, and it’s pending until 1989 is released, can Taylor change the pop genre of music? On one hand, I think Taylor can with her knack for songwriting and telling stories in her song. Pop music normally doesn’t tell stories in the songs like Taylor or a country music singer would. Pop music is all about that bass, sorry, pop music is all about that hook. It would seem that Taylor has that hook of pop music, and the story telling of her past music down in “Out of the Woods”. Of course, pop music is a genre of music where just about everything has already been done.

Now the actual rise of Taylor’s escalated rise to popularity from even Red to 1989 is curious to me. Two years ago, I remember magazines all over were reporting that Taylor being on the cover was not selling their magazines like other music artists or celebrities. I remember reading that Taylor had low sale ability when it came to magazines. All of this despite the fact that Red was one of the biggest selling albums of 2012, and despite all of the fans she had in place already.

So… What exactly changed over the course of two years? I think many things happened over the course of two years that has gained Taylor so many more fans and praise. I think the fact that Taylor hasn’t dated many guys since the release of Red has actually helped her career. I’m not saying Taylor should never be allowed to find love again, but you can’t deny that this has something to do with it. I think both Taylor and her fans grew and matured. Even people her fans age that didn’t really care for have grown and matured and seem to like her now. I think the Red Tour, the spectacular that it was, really showed people that she loves what she does, loves her fans, and loves to put on a kickass show that anyone can enjoy.

DSC02259I think the most important thing that Taylor has done in the last two years is up her social game. Taylor Swift is not just some unreachable celebrity like many actors, actresses, comedian, or musicians are today. Her social media presence is definitely on point, and has allowed her to reach many people in ways that other celebrities don’t with their social media accounts. It helps that Taylor herself has a hand in a lot of what is posted on all of her social media accounts. She even goes as far as tweeting people back, messaging words of encouragement, and playing around with them on Tumblr. Taylor Swift is the best friend that we all think we have, but in reality we don’t. She is a rare diamond that knows what it takes to keep fans and gain more.

In 2014, it would seem Taylor Swift has as much pull and is as popular as the queen, Beyonce. It may sound like Taylor has to work more for it, but does she really? Taylor is genuinely talking back to her fans because she cares about us. She’s not doing it because she was told to by her management. Beyonce would never put as much effort into making her fans feel like they are on her level. I love me some Beyonce, but Taylor wins hands down.