Team- Lorde

Lorde, the people’s songstress…. At least that’s the title that she should be given. She keeps her music very real, and down to earth. She captured the world’s attention with “Royals” and now her latest single “Team” is speaking more on the average life that most people live. She even takes digs at pop radio once again.

“We live in cities you’ve never heard of” and “Not very pretty, but we know how to run free” are just two examples of Lorde’s lyrics in “Team” where she is basically saying, “Hey, we are normal, but we have each other and we’re okay with that.”. Her voice is as beautiful as ever. Can we get a duet with her and Adele, stat?

While listening to Lorde’s music I keep in mind it was written before she became someone the world knew, but what will she sing about on her next album? Is she going to be the Kristen Stewart of music and complaining about being famous? Being successful in the music industry comes with fame, it’s a necessary evil and I don’t want an album of just that. I’m hoping she is going to be a Jennifer Lawrence of music and not let the fame envelop her, but kinda take it not so seriously like other people. That’s the music I wanna hear. Take a listen  to “team” below.


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