Stay The Night- Zedd feat Hayley Williams

Zedd has released a new single that was done with vocal help from Hayley Williams of Paramore. “Stay The Night” is just another song to add to Zedd’s list of successes. I think it proves and cements the fact that he is going to be a fixture in not only the EDM scene, but also in the Top-40 side of the music industry. The production that Zedd has done sounds amazing and is very catchy. It works really well with Hayley Williams’ vocal. I never really knew how well she could sing. I think this song is a good thing for Hayley as well, it proves that she is versatile and will be a mainstay in the music industry as well. Maybe even go on as a solo act if Paramore fails to have a successful comeback? Take a listen to the awesome “Stay The Night” down below.

What are your thought on “Stay The Night and Hayley Williams lending her vocals to an EDM act? Let me know in the comment section.


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