Burn- Ellie Goulding

“Burn” was released back on July 5 as a lead single off of Ellie Goulding’s annoy re-release of last year’s Halcyon album as Halcyon Days. I really like “Burn” and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be able to reach up the charts here in North America. It seems like North America has a real problem with anything Ellie Goulding that isn’t “Lights” which became popular last summer, an entire year after it was released. Right now she’s on the chart as a featured artist on Calvin Harris’ “I Need Your Love”. I just wished we heard more from her because she is a genuine voice that doesn’t use theatrics or stray into a genre of music she shouldn’t just to get airplay.

“Burn” is a song that is able to feature Ellie Goulding’s voice while have a driving beat. It sounds really not too much different from the sound we have heard on “Lights” and “I Need Your Love”.  I think we will see it do it well on the charts towards the end of this year and into the early part of next year. It would seem here in North America her music is late to catch on. I thought her opening up for Bruno Mars would have helped her exposure. Shes not really your everyday pop princess. One of the biggest factors to consider is it is co-written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. His songs always seem to find themselves on the charts performing quite well. Take a listen to “Burn” below.

What did you think about “Burn”? Are you hoping it gains more popularity here in North America? Let me know in the comment section.


Image Source: Wikipedia.org


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