American Idol Is Getting Harry

It was announced today that Harry Connick Jr. was chosen as the third Idol judge for next season. This probably put the nail in the coffin on me watching the show. If I were to watch, the only judge I would care about is JLo, because Keith Urban was always boring last season, and I’m just not feeling Harry Connick Jr. as a judge. Its almost like the show was like this is the best we could get and we’re not going to try to get anyone else.

it wouldn’t surprise me if the show whose ratings have been in a freefall the last few years isn’t being given as big of a budget as it once had. I personally like Nicki last season, but she left. Mariah Carey “chose” to leave, and Randy was smart and went ahead and got the hell out of there while he had some partial dignity still intact. Randy of course was the last of the original judges.

I think this show might as well, just hang it up. Keith and Harry aren’t going to bring in the ratings, at least not in the key demographic. JLo might have been the start of something, but maybe I think she is too relevent still.

What are your thoughts on the state of American Idol? What do you think about the addition of Harry Connick Jr. as the third judge? Let me know in the comment section.


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