Rock N Roll- Avril Lavinge Review

You could say I was really excited to hear the sound of “Here’s To Never Ever Growing Up” when Avril Lavigne released it earlier this summer. I was thrilled to hear her sound was getting back to the older Avril sound that we all love and knew, but it still seemed like the newer old Avril with that popish Girlfriend sound.

Now Avril has released “Rock N Roll”, which is a great song and seems to have more of the Under My Skin album sound. The song returns to her more alternative-pop sound and her grungy lyrics. I think the song is a great step back into what we have known her for and not her last album Goodbye Lullaby, which even she said was an album important to her for personal reasons.  The song has a rocking sound and even has a very brief guitar solo towards the end of the song. The lyric video below was done with the help of fans doing Instagram videos that she used. In the video it shows the social media platform as “Avrilgram”.

I really hope that this single will get some airplay and chart fairly well. I hope it doesn’t get lost in the under toe of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s singles. Avril’s new album Avril Lavinge will be out September 24 of this year, which is very exciting.Until then take a listen below to her new single “Rock N Roll”. You will also be seeing the cool looking lyric video.

How do you like “Rock N Roll”? Are you excited for Avril Lavinge’s new album? Let me know in the comment section.


Picture Source: Wikipedia


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