Halcyon Days Is Coming

On August 26, 2013, Ellie Goulding will be re-releasing her 2012 album, Halcyon as Halcyon Days. The original album which was released last autumn on October 5 was a good album if you’re a fan of Ellie. The album doesn’t really need a re-release except to say that only one song went commercial if you don’t count the Calvin Harris song “I Need Your Love”, and they are wanting to make the “album” a success. The first single “Burn” has commercial success ringing through out it. The song is catchy, has that dance sound, and was written by Ryan Tedder(pop music genius).

I absolutely hate when artists re-release an album. It kills me. Sometimes you are able to purchase just the new songs as a stand alone EP, but a lot of times you have to buy the whole album over again. As of now it is unclear if Halcyon Days will be a re-release and an EP. The re-release comes with 8 new songs, and 10 if you get the deluxe. That many new songs makes me think there may be a stand alone EP called Halcyon Days. 

That many new songs could have been a whole new album. I don’t understand re-releasing an album when you have that many extra songs.  If the album doesn’t come with just an EP with new songs, I don’t plan on buying the whole original album again as well. I guess they will get their money, more than if I re-bought the album from me on iTunes just buying the new songs singly.

What are your thoughts on artist re-releasing albums? Will you be re-purchasing this  if an EP isn’t available? Let me know in the comment section.



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