Why Women Can’t Be Funny… Really?

Tonight I was told to watch the video on You Tube entitled Why Women Can’t Be Funny because the person who told me to watch it wanted to know my thoughts. The video is by the You Tuber blndsundoll4mj who is a self-proclaimed female anti-feminist. I wouldn’t have thought I would ever be writing about feminist or really saw myself as a feminist. I do feel like it is my duty to write a rebuttal on this topic since comedy is so close and dear to my heart.

I don’t understand where she gets the idea that women can’t be funny? Does she not realize that she is currently living through a huge female comedian movement? The last few years have seen the queens of comedy overshadow the kinds of comedy. Chelsea Handler has built a huge brand and image with her hit nightly weekday talk show Chelsea Lately. She has been doing that for more than a few years now and she grows more popular with each passing year.

This year MTV introduced the world to two more very funny women comedians to late-night(early late-night?), Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer of Nikki and Sara LIVE. It would seem with a second season being announced, I wasn’t the only one to find them incredibly funny. I can’t imagine if they were never given a chance to showcase their talents.

Last but not least in the TV realm of female comedians is Amy Schumer. Comedy Central thought she was funny enough to give her a TV show called Inside Amy Schumer. It is a sketch show similar to the new Kroll Show with Nick Kroll that is also on Comedy Central. While I find Kroll funny, his show isn’t as consistent as Schumer’s and so the females win that.

Then we have the female comedians/actresses that are making us laugh on TV and at the movies. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, and who can forget the incredible funny genius Rebel Wilson. If women can’t be funny, then why did the film Bridesmaids, headed by the amazing Kristen Wiig do so well, and become one of the best comedies of 2012? If women can’t be funny, then why has Pitch Perfect become a cultural phenomenon and cause a case of Rebel Wilson Syndrome(where we crave more and more of her Aussie ass)? I mean, Rebel Wilson is starring in ABC’s new comedy Super Fun Night. I guess that will be a real stinker since women can’t be funny.

I think the thing that bothers me at the end of the day, is how is a woman anti-feminist? Why would a woman not want rights or expect to be treated equally. That is like a gay guy saying gay people shouldn’t be able to get married or adopt children. It goes against who you are and what you should want. The girl who originally made the You Tube video as huge tits. If she is more comfortable being known for those knockers and being able to cook a mean meatloaf, then so be it. Don’t bring other women, especially funny women down with you. A lot of these funny women could also be writing the funny things that the funny men are saying. Remember that!


2 thoughts on “Why Women Can’t Be Funny… Really?

  1. SO well said!!! You made a REALLY great point! She is “famous” for trash talking women and bringing the rest if us down with her! I absolutely stand for almost everything she is against. This was a great article! Now i have to add you to my bloglovin’ feed. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite people on this world wide web!! Im glad you watched the video I knew you would have something great to say about it! Loves ya!

    • Thanks for reading and having be watch that video to begin with. I’m trying to blog more, so definitely add me to your list. Haha!

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