#Beautiful- Mariah Carey feat. Miguel

Earlier today Mariah Carey finally debuted the much talk about first single off of her new album due out later this year. While I do highly dislike Mariah on the sinking ship known as American Idol, I did like her music that came out in the 2008-2009 time frame. I can’t tell you any of the songs she has ever sung before 2008 except for her Christmas album which I adore.

The song “#Beautiful” is a very beautiful sounding song, but the sound is a bit different from something else you’d hear on the radio today. That is very smart of someone who is trying to make a comeback after being away for four to five years. The stylization of the single’s name is also very smart, cause assuming people will include the hash tag, this song is going to trend. It was also very smart of Mariah to get a feature artist like Miguel who is new, but growing in popularity. It also helps that he can really sing and his voice just fits this song.

Going back to how the tracks sounds, it sounds very old school R&B, sorta like Justin Timberlake’s album that just came out in March. If this is where music is going, I will say I didn’t see it coming and am very surprised. Alabama Shakes may have a place on top-40 radio yet. It’s not a bad sound, just kinda odd with today’s electronic sound that is so popular.

I feel like “#Beautiful” isn’t going to be one of those huge songs that this diva is known for. It doesn’t showcase her very large vocal range that we all know she has. This song also should be more “Miguel feat. Mariah Carey” since Mariah apparently chose to sing less on her own song. Personally  I feel like it makes Mariah look desperate in trying to have a hit with this song. It was like Miguel is the new hot thing, so he’s gonna sing the whole song and Mariah is just gonna sing a very small portion. I’m not a fan of when featured artists sing more than the actual artists.

Overall I think this song will be a hit cause of its sound, Mariah’s name, and for Miguel’s very hard work. I think it will be good for Mariah to have a hit and to get out of the lowest point of her career… American Idol. You can take a listen to the song down below. Tell me your thoughts on Mariah’s new song “#Beautiful” in the comment section.




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