I Could Be The One- Avicii & Nicky Romero

I first heard this song myself on EDM related stations back in January. Then I saw it again in February when I watched the music video which is hilarious(you will see it below). It has gotten more and more popular since the beginning of the year. Like Krewella’s “Alive”, I could see “I Could Be The One” entering the mainstream Top 40 radio here in North America.

It is a song that just has that catchy sound that most mainstream EDM songs tend to have. It is a song that I have had on repeat all night cause I knew I wanted to finally write about it. It peaked at number one on the US Hot Dance Club Songs, as well as the UK Singles and UK Dance charts.

I interrupt the songs lyrics being about a couple who has broken up and the singer has realized that she is still in love with her ex. She is telling the one she loves that she is the one that can make them happy and feel good again. I could also see it being about two people who are friends, but the singer has developed feelings for the other and told the other person about her feelings. The reason why either of these works is the part in the lyrics that say, “It used to be so easy, can’t you see?”. People who were together obviously have an easier time being around people. Also, a friendship is easier before someone develops feelings for the other. I kinda lean towards the friends scenario, because saying, “I could be the one…” and giving reasons why, seems like they’ve never been together.

Honestly, the lyrics don’t matter too much because this is an EDM song. It is about a good beat and vibe, which this song has as well. It’s catchy and I like to run to it, so it has what it takes to be a great EDM song that you have on your mind constantly. The song is considered progressive house in case you’re wondering. It seems most progressive house songs are great songs to listen to while running or exercising in general.

The music video as I said at the beginning is hilarious. The ending is a surprise, but that’s kinda what sends home the main message of the song. The message is don’t sit back and let life pass you by because you think you aren’t good enough or don’t deserve it, because life passes by quickly, and once you decide to live, it very well could be too late.  I think this is a lesson a lot of people including myself need to learn and live.

I would love if you guys would take a listen and watch the music video down below. It is a great song, and I feel so strongly about it, I need to share it and my thoughts about it to the world. Let me know how you like this Avicii and Nicky Romero collaboration in the comments section.


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