Paging Old Avril

While my actual CD burned out years ago due to the amount of times of play, I was able to listen to Avril Lavinge’s debut album Let Go thanks to the magic of Spotify. The album is overall I jewel that shines brightly over anything else that Avril has done. It has that edge and innocence that caused so many of us to fall in love with her. I feel like Avril has slowly stepped away from this with each and every album and has gotten more poppy as time as went on. I don’t include 2011’s Goodbye Lullaby in this because that album was personal and innocent, but lacked what Let Go brought. It was also Avril’s weakest performing album to date which made me sad.

I commend Avril on being involved with the writing on each and every track that has ever been placed on any of her four albums. That is definitely something that you don’t see every day. I think after listening to Let Go again, I really think Avril should try to aim for something like it. Let Go is the album that gave us songs like “Complicated” and “Sk8tr Boi”. Except for “Girlfriend”, can you even name another Avril hit?

Her new album is supposed to come out this spring, so whatever is on it has already been recorded. I think it will be good, cause even she has said that Goodbye Lullaby was more of a personal album that she felt like she needed to do. I am fine with anything as long as Avril isn’t doing dance music. I think that would hurt my whole body, cause that totally isn’t Avril Lavigne.


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