Social Services, Jenelle Is Pregger’s Again

Jenelle Evans is an example of a person that should have been forced to have her tubes tied. She is pregnant with baby number two despite not having custody of her first-born, 3-year-old Jace. She proved she was not mother material on Teen Mom 2 leaving her son with her mother, Barbara, for days at a time. What was she doing while she was a way from her child? She was doing drugs and fucking a worthless guy. What even makes this white trash tragedy even more great, is her husband, Courtland Rogers has a child as well. Guess what? He doesn’t have custody of his child either. I can only assume that he probably has the same drug issues as Jenelle herself has had.

I personally hope that Barbara gets this second child as well. It doesn’t sound like Jenelle is doing much better than when Jace was born three years ago. I hate to put more pressure on Jenelle’s mother, but it seems like this is the option for any of Jenelle’s current and future children. I believe that Jenelle might have just gotten pregnant at that Ke$ha concert that she went to instead of going to her court appointment that she missed by going. Keep that white trash flag flying, girl, keep it flying!


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