Spectrum- Zedd feat. Matthew Koma

Zedd has been making a name for himself since he decided to dive into the world of electronic dance music(EDM). His popularity has only grown as his remixes of Skrillex, Lady Gaga, and The Black Eyed Peas have become massively popular. Now he is ready to give us his own music and he surely hasn’t disappointed. Released June 1, 2012, as his first single for his first album, Clarity, “Spectrum” has climbed and set at the top of the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

I feel like while this song as been out, I just now this fall have fallen in love with it. The music is produced in such a way that it gives you goose bumps. It really honestly, just sound cool. The song is musically beautiful and spectacular. The beat keeps the song going without even a small place to stop. You are gonna want to dance, trust me. The vocals are done by Matthew Koma. I will be honest and tell you that I thought it was a woman singing it the first few times I heard it despite it saying it featured someone named Matthew. Either this guys voice is really high-pitched or a computer has helped make it be higher pitched. Either way ti doesn’t matte, because the sound and tone work with the song so well.

The song seems to be about a couple who people think shouldn’t be together, but they are going to stay together regardless. I think that is a story that can stand the test of time…Romeo and Juliet, anyone?





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