Single Review: “I Found You” by The Wanted

What I love about The Wanted is that they are this boy band, but not in the sense of One Direction. I guess they remind me more of Backstreet Boys or N’ Sync. I like that they are this group of guys that take turns singing, yet the music doesn’t sound like your typical boy band sound. It’s dancy, techno, synthy, everything I like about their music.

The Wanted’s newest single, “I Found You” is no exception to their rule. That is a good thing and while I do feel like artists need to change and evolve with the sound of the industry, they also need to stick with what they know when they are still pretty new on the scene.  “Glad You Came” was a success in North America and their second single, “Chasing The Sun” was able to break the Hot 100 Chart, though it’s performance wasn’t as great. I feel it’s entrance got pushed aside for some of summer’s biggest songs on radio.

Take a listen to “I Found You” and share it with your friends if you like it. These guys, not One Direction deserve the radio play. Sorry, 1D’ers…


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