Who Is Taylor’s New Song About

MTV releases a VMA promo with Kevin Hart and Taylor Swift(you can watch it below). It starts off with her strumming a guitar and kinda singing her new song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Now originally I felt like the song was about Joh Mayer, but that doesn’t make too much sense to me considering her last song pretty much laid out that he hurt her badly, so they didn’t keep breaking up. It’s not Taylor Lautner because she says in “Back To December” that she would take him back. We know it isn’t the Jonas brother because he’s married now and she has already written three songs about that relationship. So, is it Jake? I wouldn’t have said the song was about Jake at first. I really can’t imagine Mr. Gyllenhaal breaking up and then getting back together like a little high school girl in a relationship, but I also can’t say he wouldn’t. Then in the VMA promo Kevin Hart holds up a picture of his head pasted over a pic of Taylor and Jake walking hand in hand. This leads me to believe the song is in fact about Jake and she told without really telling. That is my take on this latest lesson of Swiftology.


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