Let’s All Feel Sorry For John Mayer… Not!

John Mayer is trying to make a come back after a few years of being hardly seen or spoken too. You might remember his interview in Playboy and Rolling Stone that made people lose a taste for him. Now he si back with a new album and is doing interviews again. In the next issue of Rolling Stone John does an interview and discusses how Taylor Swift’s song “Dear John”, which is about him, wasn’t necessary. John says that he didn’t deserve it. I say he probably did deserve because he’s an asshole. Besides, anyone who dates Taylor Swift shouldn’t need a warning that if you break up with her or break her heart, that you will most likely get a song on her next album. She’s like a singer/songwriting succubus.

In the article linked below, John didn’t wanna go into details on what a line in the song where Taylor speaks of only being 19 and isn’t that a little young to be messed with. I figure he only just now brought this up from an album released in 2010 to somehow get his name back out in the spotlight. Bringing up old news like this makes him some what relevant again. He shouldn’t feel too bad about the song that has “humiliated” him, because the song is 6-7 minutes long and has his sound and his the one song on the Speak Now album that I always skip. It’s not like she made a number one hit based on their relationship. If you wanna hear “Dear John” click the link below and read their article and the song is below that.

Source: MSN Entertainment


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