MTV Movie Awards Rant

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards was great this year for the most part. Russell Brand did a fantastic job at hosting and was very funny. I like how he doesn’t care to go there or talk about what others might seem “sensitive” subjects. He even poked fun at his own failed marriage which I think is great that he can do that. There were other bright spots throughout the awards, but my main rant is coming from the movies nominated.

I guess I had never really realized¬†that pretty much any movie from the last MTV Movie Awards to the current one can be nominated for that current years show. I don’t like this. The 2012 awards should have only been for movies released during 2011, that’s January, 2011 thru December 31, 2011.The Hunger Games,as much as I love the books and movie shouldn’t have been able to be nominated for any awards considering it just came out in March of this year, 2012, not 2011. I believe it was the only movie that wasn’t released in 2011, but it still annoying. I really wish this would be changed, but I assume it has always been that way.

My only other problem with the show was that Breaking Dawn Part I brough the “Movie of the Year” to the Twilight franchise once again. I just feel like with last years great, unique movies they shouldn’t have won. There were so many great comedies that should have been able to win that award, Bridesmaids being my top choice followed by Horrible Bosses. I have to understand though, most of the voters are tween to teenage girls who are planning a pregnancy while watching 16 and Pregnant, so anything other than a Twilight movie ever stood a chance.


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