We Have A Little Meatball In The Oven

I was waiting to write about on the whole “Snooki being pregnant” thing until she came out and said yes or no officially. Well  it seems she finally has said yes and we can get the exclusive interview in this next weeks Us Weekly. Pretty much all the link below says is she is pregnant and she is getting married to the baby’s father, Jionni. She said she didn’t know she was pregnant New Year’s so she did drink a lot that day. Then below the article it says they will have all the details in the magazine including why she kept it secret. I figure she kept it secret due to “Jersey Shore” starting back on MTV and they didn’t want her party girl image to be tainted by a pregnancy.

Source: Yahoo! TV

Now my thoughts? I am happy for Snooki. People will probably be mean to her, but the way I see it is she is a very caring and sweet person. I don’t think she should have the a baby with Jionni or get married to him. He never has accepted her for who she is and that will be a problem down the road because it has already been a problem on “Jersey Shore” multiple times. I am sure the little meatball will be adorable and it will have the whole “Jersey Shore” family(minus Mike) to love it. This could also be good for Snooki to not drink for the pregnancy and get back in control of herself. Now where does the Snooki and JWoww spin-off stand? I think it will include this since it has been filming and I think we will see the events unfold on that show. The spin-off is another reason for Snooki to be quiet on the pregnancy.


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