Katy Perry Goes Country

Well, not exactly…. A demo of a song called “Bullet” with Katy singing it was leaked sometime last year. This is the first I am hearing of it though. The song demo was made after Katy co-wrote the song with Jessie James, whom the song was for. You may remember Jessie James from the summer 2009 with her one hit thus far, “Wanted”. If you don’t remember take a listen below.

Here is Katy Perry’s version of “Bullet” which sound really weird considering it is so country and kinda twangy. I don’t hate it though. I’m not a huge country music fan, but country pop is fine with me. It reminds me of when Lady Gaga release the country version of “Born This Way”. “Bullet” is even more country than Gaga’s song though. Take a listen to Katy’s version of “Bullet” below.

Here is the official version of “Bullet” which is sang by Jessie James of course.

Who sings it better? You can decide for yourself… I love Katy and her voice, but I think Jessie probaby brings more attitude and country to the song that was made for all of that. I don’t expect Katy to be top-notch on a country song. I think Katy’s version could do really well if she recorded an actual version of the song and it wasn’t just the demo that we are listening to. So, who do you think sings the song “Bullet” better?



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