Adele Sticks Her Finger Up

People are raging here in America that sweet Adele would stick her middle finger up when she got cut off at The Britts. I would be pissed too if I had so much success and then I get cut off at the awards in my own country. Maybe they should plan better next time. I think many Americans were upset, but come on, she’s British. They have thicker skin than most of us and don’t get offended near as easily. Take “Skins” which was a thousand times worst in American standards than the TV version which got cancelled cause Americans couldn’t handle it. I say Adele, you earned that finger since you are the most awarded artist of the year at this point. everyone else? Calm your asses down. What they did was a very rude thing. You can see the video below of what happened… She doesn’t even do it for a long time.



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