Music Review: We Are Young- fun. feat Janelle Monáe

Every now and again you will hear a song on the radio that sounds a bit off from what you normally hear on the radio these days. You may not like it at first if ever. That happened to me with this song by the group fun.. The first listen of this song did not sell me on them at all. It took the second and third listen before I was like, “I love this song!”. As you can imagine it is now I song that I listen to quite often.It is just a great song that is like a party anthem without being too dancy or thumping like I usually like. I also feel like this group and songs sounds a bit 90’s. Does this song not sound similar to another song that was from the 90’s, defintely at the beginning?

The Glee cover of this did better than this orginal song orginally back in December, but this version has no started to climb the charts after being featured last Sunday in the Chevy Sonic Super Bowl commercial. So we will see how far this indie band will go. The music video is funny and pretty much shows a club going crazy. A woman even takes a bottle to the head. It also profoundly showcases the Windows Phone(which I use to have and would never reccomend), can you say spnosrhip? Their album is set to be released February 21 through Fueled By Ramen(parent company Warner Music Group. Take a look at the music video and hear the song below.


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