Facebook Timeline A Problem?

For some people apparently Facebook’s new Timeline, which replaced the Facebook Walls, is worrisome. Sophos Security polled 4,000 Facebook users and 51.29% of the people said that the “Facebook Timeline worries me”. The security company openly admits that they poll users who are a little more concerned about security on the internet than most people. I personally have found that most people don’t like the Timeline because anything they have ever posted, including pictures and status updates, are now more easily accessable than before. I think a lot of people are thinking that there may be some really embarrassing shit that they totally forgot about. So security reasons seem like a better thing to say you are concerned with than saying I did some embarrassing things with my Facebook account.

Technically if a person ever wanted to go back on their Facebook Wall they could have before. Sure it may have taken forever, but it has been possible for a while now. Facebook has just made it easier to do just that with the Timeline. I don’t feel like at the moment we have the Timeline to fear. Unless it is a “highlighted” post of picture from the past, the Timeline crashes my browser. So until that is fixed you can’t get to deep into your personal past of Facebook.

I really like the idea of the Facebook Timeline. When I am an ancient old man, I like the idea of being able to go back to let’s say some random day in May 2011 and seeing what I was doing over the summer while I was only 20 or to go to my 21st birthday in October 2011 and relive that through pics. It is like a real lifetime history book for all of us. What do you guys think about the new Facebook Timeline?

Source: Technolog on MSNBC.com


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