Paramout Pictures Starts The Year Right

Paramount Pictures is beginning 2012, its 100th anniversary, off on the right foot. It had three movies in the top ten this weekend with the number one movie being “The Devil Inside”. Paramount says that they expected the movie to only make $8 million dollars over the WHOLE weekend. By Friday night the movie had already made $17 million and ends its North America total for the weekend at $34.5 million. I guess you can say they got a bargain of a movie when they purchased the film for $1 million. I hope to God this doesn’t make them think that they can make 20 sequels of this movie like they are doing with “Paranormal Activity”. I don’t think Paramount should be surprised that this movie did so well. The movie commercials for “The Devil Inside” have went viral being on every commercial break and even on the internet on before you can watch videos on You Tube and other sites. I am just glad that those can go away now.

I have seen the reviews and heard the stories from people who went and saw “The Devil Inside” this weekend and the all say it sucked and is a waste of time. Doesn’t seem to have done anything to hold the movie back, does it? Maybe people just need a scare after the cheery holiday season? Can it weather next weekend when new releases come out? Will it be plagued by the normal horror movie 50% drop off in attendance in the second weekend? Guess we will see. Even if it sucks this is one movie I won’t go see because I don’t like scary movies to begin with.

Source: MSN Entertainment


2 thoughts on “Paramout Pictures Starts The Year Right

  1. I also heard this one was terrible. And I figure even if it doesn’t get a sequel, it’ll still spawn more of the found-footage horror movies that are big right now.

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