Kris Jenner Music Video?

Finally something that anyone who either loves the Kardashian’s or hates them can enjoy. A video that Kris Jenner(then Kardashian) made in 1985 for her 30th birthday. It even features the much younger(like small children), pre-fame Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. Even O.J. Simpson is in it. According to the article below E!’s “The Soup” is responsible for digging up this priceless video.

Why can the lovers and haters of this family enjoy this together? Those that like the Kardashian’s will be able to laugh at Kris Jenner, who is never seen being silly these days, being silly and having fun in this video. The haters can, well… Hate on it.  I for one love it cause I like the Kardashian’s and laugh at it for the reasons listed above. So take a look below and tell me what you think?

Source: Yahoo! Music: Reality Rocks


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