Bieber Never Believed In Santa

Apparently teen pop sensations Justin Bieber was never allowed to believe in Santa. His mother didn’t allow him to believe because she was afraid that once he found out, then he wouldn’t believe in God. I guess I can see his mothers logic, but still. Santa is a part of most children’s childhood. It kinda makes me sad for Justin Beiber that he never got to have that.

I found out that Santa wasn’t real when I was five when I discovered the Easter Bunny stuff in the back of my mothers car on accident. I remember asking her if it meant Santa wasn’t real either. I don’t remember how I felt then, but now just reminding myself of it I feel devastated. Even today now at 21, I like to think that Santa is real. It may not be the gift giving Santa, but I just refuse to believe that he is a fake or a fraud. Santa is someone and that is what I choose to believe. He is REAL.

Source: Yahoo! Music


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