The Dictator Trailer Has Arrived

Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest movie, “The Dictator”, finally has a trailer. If you were a fan of “Borat” or “Bruno” then you are probably like me and excited about this movie. It seems to feature Cohen’s normal shock and awe humour that we have seen in his previous two films. That kind of humour is one of my favorites and I myself tell jokes in that same manner. My favorite part in the trailer is probably one that many people will hate. It is where John C Reilly’s character welcomes Cohen’s character and tell him that he should visit the Empire State building before him or one of his cousins takes it down. It is that type of humour mixed with a dictator theme and the recent events in other countries that makes me wonder when we will start hearing the protest against the movie here in the US. You know they are coming. Ha. Even if I need a security guard to go see this movie, you can count on me seeing this movie next year. Looks like the movie has a  May 11 theatre release date. Even Megan Fox has a small cameo part in the film which you can see in the trailer. You can watch “The Dictator” trailer below.


One thought on “The Dictator Trailer Has Arrived

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